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Master Automation Sequencer (MAS)

The power of automation provided by Vendita’s Master Automation Sequencer (MAS) allows the combination of Oracle Database and IBM Power Systems to be unmatched by competitors. MAS provides enterprises an extraordinary level of usability, management and deployment ease that creates the ideal infrastructure for scale, reliability and performance. Leveraging MAS, organizations can easily automate the most mundane or novel tasks required to maintain their environment whether on-prem or in the cloud.  

By utilizing MAS, organizations have seen an average of 61% increase in IT efficiencies as it relates to business processes, tool consolidation and labor effectiveness.

MAS Resources


Master Automation Sequencer

This overview introduces the MAS solution with features and functions and shows how automation of system tasks saves IT teams time and money, while reducing errors and streamlining operations.

Solution brief

MAS Oracle Database Solution Pac

This overview describes MAS’ pre-packaged solution with capabilities for Oracle Database technologies. These include installation of Oracle Database and Enterprise Manager, Oracle backup processes that include RMAN, Datapump and Flashback, Oracle import processes and Oracle RDBMS utilities.

Technical brief

MAS technical brief

This overview provides a high-level technical introduction to MAS, including how it works, database compatibility, its features, including MAS Query Wallets, and solution highlights.

Use case

MAS use case: Healthcare

This use case describes how MAS helped a major healthcare provider solve their Oracle-on-POWER challenges and reduce resource requirements, licensing costs and time spent on deployment, provisioning and system management.

Use case

MAS use case: Retail

This use case describes how MAS helped a retail establishment seamlessly migrate their Oracle database to POWER, and rapidly deploy, provision and automate ongoing management of  their IT environment.

Use case

Tool and labor consolidation with MAS

This use case document demonstrates the positive affect MAS can have on organization in the areas of IT tool consolidation and labor efficiency with statistics generated from test-scenario application examples.

LinuxONE for Oracle

Oracle and IBM experts work together to provide design, development, testing, technical support and education to support your Oracle solutions running on IBM LinuxONE™. These resources are provided to help ensure your solution performance and provide training to your IT staff.

LinuxONE resources

Met Office LinuxONE Customer Case Study

Hear Met Office explain how the LinuxONE platform delivers resiliency and reliability.

Robert Frances Group report: Top 10 reasons why LinuxONE is the best choice for Linux Workloads

This report examines the 10 reasons why LinuxONE is the best platform to deploy Linux and enterprise grade workloads such as Oracle and other Open Source solutions.

It's just a platform that we're able to trust and make our business depend on.

Richard Lawrence, Enterprise IT Architect, Met Office,

Power Systems for Oracle

IBM customers can attain higher performance for their Oracle workloads on IBM Power Systems, processing greater transaction volumes and increasing analytics capabilities. An IBM Power Systems implementation is backed by a hardware utilization guarantee. When coupled with Oracle database and application deployments in minutes instead of days, customers are free to develop new mobile and cognitive applications — further fueling business growth.

Power Systems case studies

Agropur: Churning out mouthwateringly good customer service

Agropur joined up its diverse business units and standardized on Oracle solutions, thus enabling harmonization of customer visits, deliveries, marketing efforts and more.

Martins: Delivering stellar customer service during even the busiest times

Upgrading to the latest servers helped Martins boost the performance of its online store and back-end systems, enabling salespeople to order customers’ goods in record time — even during busy periods.

DNA: Accelerating reporting to deliver the best customer experience in the telecoms industry

DNA understand its customers better, keeps them satisfied, and stays ahead of the competition with up-to-date insight provided by IBM and Oracle.

Power Systems resources

Executive brief

IBM Power Systems servers with the POWER8 processor and IBM i

IBM i and IBM Power Systems offer a resilient and cost-effective anchor for JD Edwards EnterpriseOne environments. Discover how Oracle and IBM have maintained the currency of this platform with latest-generation technologies in JD Edwards EnterpriseOne.

Executive brief

Comparing IBM Power Systems to Oracle Exadata Database Machine

Transaction processing systems are often deployed on UNIX or x86 servers, and now Oracle has targeted its Exadata Database Machine at this space. Oracle’s commitment to this platform and the company’s aggressive marketing have made Exadata an increasingly considered platform for Oracle Database.

White paper

IBM POWER® and IBM FlashSystem accelerate Oracle Database

Get in-depth information about the IBM Power Systems server with IBM POWER® technology in combination with IBM FlashSystem™, an all-flash storage array that delivers outstanding performance, reliability and flexibility.

IBM Z and Oracle

Oracle and IBM experts work together to provide design, development, testing, technical support and education to support your Oracle solutions running on IBM Z® infrastructure. These resources are provided to help ensure your solution performance and provide training to your IT staff.

IBM Z resources

Sparda-Datenverarbeitung eG: Leveraging a world-class enterprise computing system to ensure 24x7 customer service

Sparda-Datenverarbeitung eG deployed IBM Z® servers with IBM z/VM® virtualization technology to consolidate Oracle Database and application servers on Linux.

Techcombank: Tapping into new growth opportunities with IBM systems

To position itself as the go-to bank for a new generation of upwardly mobile consumers, Vietnam’s Techcombank is embracing more customer-centric operations—using IBM® LinuxONE™ systems to power super-fast, always-on services, even as business volumes soar.

Speed, security and reliability are prime concerns for our business — with IBM Z, we have a rock-solid platform that delivers on all these requirements.

Eduardo Camargo, Executive Vice-President and CIO, EVERTEC Inc.,

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2. When installing single LPAR AIX, Oracle Database, patches, and VIOS based on tests run in Vendita’s data center