Find out the benefits of managing your Oracle solutions on Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI), with the help of IBM.

Three out of four companies using Oracle say managed services are essential to their IT strategy

What is IBM Oracle Application Management?

IBM Oracle Application Management helps with the management and maintenance of your Oracle ERP applications for your business.

How can IBM Oracle Application Management help your business?

IBM Oracle Application Management helps you get more time and resources to focus on innovation and new business opportunities. It helps improve your managed IT security and compliance reporting for workloads quickly deliver services and Oracle applications to line-of-business and enhance disaster recovery and business continuity capabilities.

What are some benefits that IBM Oracle Application Management can help your business attain?

IBM Oracle Application Management has several financial and strategic benefits that help you manage your resources and reduce costs and your hardware and software maintenance burden. It uses a cost benefits estimator that helps you calculate your potential ROI from migrating and managing Oracle infrastructure and applications to a managed cloud.

What you get with Oracle Application Management

Cost benefits estimator

Calculate your potential ROI from migrating and managing Oracle infrastructure and applications to a managed cloud.

How managed cloud services can facilitate your digital transformation on Oracle solutions

This interactive whitepaper explains why 76% of CIOs told analyst firm Frost & Sullivan that cloud managed services are essential to their IT strategy.

Why Oracle Managed Services are key to driving cloud results

Cloud managed services include management and maintenance services performed on cloud infrastructure to make it functionally ready from a business user’s perspective.

Simplify your Oracle ERP application management with a unified team of experts

Free up IT resources

IBM performs the management and maintenance of your business’ Oracle and cloud applications so you can focus on innovation.

Guaranteed SLAs

Choose the service-level agreement (SLA) you need — up to 99.9% — from the virtual machine to the operating system, though the database and up through the application level.

Around-the-clock security

High-level compliance, continuous monitoring and enhanced granular control provide visibility while reducing potential threats before they affect your data.

10 considerations for managing a hybrid multicloud environment

How to simplify IT management to maximize cloud benefits.
26% of IT leaders say they can effectively monitor and manage their IT environment across applications, clouds, servers, mainframes, network and storage units.

Deeper insights on Oracle Application Management

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