What is Oracle JD Edwards?

Oracle JD Edwards is an integrated suite of Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software, including project management, asset lifecycle management, order management, and manufacturing management.


IBM® provides consulting and implementation services for Oracle JD Edwards, providing strategy and transformational capabilities to clients, as well as integration with the IBM Cloud.

JD Edwards on IBM Power Systems

Since 1977, IBM and JD Edwards have partnered to create innovative solutions that solve client business problems. Today IBM Power Systems and IBM Storage provide fast, scalable, reliable and secure computing platforms for JD Edwards software deployments — all delivered with industry-leading low total cost of ownership.

The combined offering runs on POWER8® servers with either the IBM i or AIX operating system, and IBM Storage, allowing you to choose the right components to fit your computing requirements. IBM platforms are certified with the latest versions of JD Edwards EnterpriseOne and World to guarantee you have access to all the newest application software functionality.

JD Edwards on Hybrid Cloud

IBM's Hybrid Cloud for JD Edwards offers enterprises a transition to the SaaS cloud while remaining connected to their existing on-premises, in-house data and applications. IBM's hybrid cloud approach can also support and facilitate a rapid adoption of mobility and analytics.

Why IBM?

IBM is the reigning Oracle JD Edwards Partner of the Year and has unmatched expertise that has been applied to integrations around the world. IBM provides industry-specific JD Edwards solutions enabled by IBM Watson™.


Cost-effective solution for JD Edwards software

Superior scalability and fewer outages — both planned and unplanned — combined with our industry-leading systems management tools, make IBM Systems among the most cost effective solutions.

Low total cost of ownership

Low total cost of ownership allows clients to do more with their IT budgets, and to deliver real impact to their company’s bottom line.

More than 1,000 successful JD Edwards implementations

IBM® has been working closely with JD Edwards since 1977, when the company was founded. This relationship has given IBM virtually unparalleled experience gained from its long history of more than 1,000 successful JD Edwards software implementations.

JD Edwards ROI Tool

Assessing the value of upgrading your organization in terms of ROI is challenging. This tool has been developed to answer that challenge.

Among the most crucial questions Edison asked was: 'Are the C-level executives in your company pleased with the results?' In all cases the answer was emphatically, 'Yes, they are highly satisfied with all aspects of the upgrade.'

Case Studies

A man is smiling in front of a server station

IBM Power Systems Upgrade Success Stories for JD Edwards Customers Running IBM i

Discover the advantages of upgrading older IT environments to IBM Power® Systems and IBM PureSystems™ servers running the IBM i operating system in support of Oracle’s JD Edwards applications.

Picture of an IBM Power 780 server with AIX and IBM FlashSystem 820 flash storage equipment.

Performance benefits of IBM Power Systems and IBM FlashSystem for JD Edwards EnterpriseOne

IBM Power 780 server with AIX and IBM FlashSystem 820 flash storage improves batch performance in a client proof of concept test.


Executive brief

Oracle JD Edwards EnterpriseOne deployment in midsize businesses

Midsize companies considering Oracle enterprise applications must decide which ERP suite best suits their requirements. JD Edwards has long been known as an appealing choice for companies that drawn to a low total cost of ownership.


Data sheet

IBM i Solution Edition for JD Edwards

This solution combines the IBM i operating system and IBM POWER8™ processor-based Power Systems servers with Oracle’s JD Edwards ERP software to help reduce the cost, complexity and risk of deploying an ERP solution.

Executive guide

IBM i strategy

Get an executive guide to IBM's strategy and road map for its integrated operating environment for Power Systems.

Data sheet

IBM Cloud Managed Services for Oracle Applications

This solution offers a managed cloud infrastructure that is designed to automate and standardize common tasks associated with provisioning and managing Oracle environments.

IBM Cloud Marketplace for Oracle

Build mobile apps safely, using any front-end framework and tools