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Our mission: Hacking anything to secure everything
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With the cost of a data breach reaching an all-time high of USD 4.45 million, organizations need to understand where their vulnerabilities lie. It only takes one opportunity for a hacker to breach your environment and to outwit those attackers—you need to think like them.

IBM X-Force Red uses the same tactics, tools, techniques and mindsets as attackers to uncover and help organizations fix those vulnerabilities. We can help you stay ahead of attackers and protect your most valuable data.

X-Force Red is IBM’s team of 200+ hackers worldwide, hired to break into organizations and uncover risky vulnerabilities that attackers may use for personal gain. The team's offensive security services, which include penetration testing, vulnerability management and adversary simulation, can help identify, prioritize and remediate security flaws covering your entire digital and physical ecosystem.

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An overview of X-Force Red in 2 minutes
X-Force Red overview Cybersecurity breaches can happen at any time, in any industry, to any organization. Just one vulnerability can potentially expose your networks, hardware, applications, devices and other assets. Learn who X-Force Red is and how they can help secure your organization.
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Partner with one vendor

With more than 200 hackers worldwide, X-Force Red can manage your entire offensive security program.

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Reduce critical vulnerabilities backlog

X-Force Red helped a large enterprise reduce a backlog of critical vulnerabilities by 60% in four months.

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Discover vulnerabilities that tools alone can't find

With hands-on testing, X-Force Red teams can uncover vulnerabilities only human attackers can find.

Capabilities Penetration testing

Find and fix exploitable vulnerabilities impacting your most important applications, networks, hardware and people. Includes specialized testing for ATMs, blockchain, IoT, automotive and cloud platforms.

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Vulnerability management

Prioritize the highest-risk vulnerabilities for remediation, using the X-Force Red team and automated ranking engine.

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Adversary simulation

Uncover and fix gaps in your incident response programs through red teaming, purple teaming, control testing and tuning, and threat intelligence testing exercises.  

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Dig into the New Threats of 2024 with X-Force
Armed with the insights of our Threat Intelligence Index 2024 Report, our team can help you secure your business against cyber threats. We are offering briefings with our expert team of intelligence analysts to give you customized insights about your organization. Schedule a no-cost briefing with an expert Read the report
IBM did exactly what we were expecting. They were super flexible. They listened to our demands. And they came up with the right solutions. Thomas Streider VP Group IT Security and Operation Services Andritz
Case studies Reducing risk at Unisys

The global technology solutions company utilizes X-Force Red's Penetration Testing Services to help reduce the risk of a compromise and stay ahead of the attackers.

ANDRITZ unites against cyberattacks

X-Force Red Vulnerability Management Services scans ANDRITZ’s systems to rate security vulnerabilities by severity using the common vulnerability scoring system (CVSS), helping to prioritize incident response.


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Resources Penetration testing: Protect critical assets using an attacker’s mindset

Identify critical vulnerabilities using the tools, techniques and practices criminals use

X-Force Red Labs

X-Force Red Labs are secure, state of the art, security testing facilities across the globe. They help identify and fix security vulnerabilities within Internet-of-things (IoT), industrial internet of things (IIoT), and operational technology (OT).

Put your incident response programs to the test

Even organizations that have strong security controls and processes in place may not be able to detect and contain a breach quickly. Explore this ebook to learn how adversary simulation services can help test, measure, and improve detection and response capabilities.

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The IBM X-Force Cyber Range solution creates immersive simulations to guide your team through realistic breach scenarios, helping ensure you can respond and recover from enterprise-level cyber security incidents and build a stronger security culture in your organization.

IBM X-Force Incident Response

Receive rapid response to cybersecurity incidents with our around-the-clock global hotline, and help reduce costs and adverse impacts to your business.

IBM X-Force Threat Intelligence Services

Global security intelligence experts with industry-leading analysis to help you identify and anticipate the latest threats.

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