Network Modernization: Essential for Digital Transformation and Multicloud

Build your hybrid multicloud environment with network services powered by 5G edge and SDN

Can your current network support your hybrid multicloud environments and cloud applications?

As companies are turning their attention back to digital transformation, both to emerge stronger from disruption and more importantly, to get back to work, network solutions must be modern, agile and efficient enough to adapt to change and support ongoing cloud transformation. Global IT decision-makers often experience cloud-related network issues caused by legacy infrastructure. Traditional network connections do not support the distributed nature of cloud services, resulting in degraded user experience.

What is the right approach for network transformation to support your business needs?

Successful network transformation requires a new way of thinking about the network solutions and a commitment from business, development and operational leaders across the enterprise. The need for faster time to market and resiliency of network services drives the need for programmable networks.

How can you modernize your network with software defined networking?

The enterprise network of the future will drive virtualization across the enterprise (legacy) infrastructure through SDN which will enable the enterprise for wide area networking at scale. SDN has revolutionized the way networks are conceptualized, designed, deployed and managed. As workloads shift to cloud and applications modernize for cloud, service chaining these virtualized network functions and platforms (VNFs/NFV’s) that reside in the legacy data center and cloud environments will need a dev-ops mindset and orchestration and automation to drive consistency across these diverse environments. Software Defined Networking (SDN) Services from IBM helps redefine your cloud journey and infuse a software-defined approach to your networks.

Redefine your hybrid cloud journey with networks powered by 5G and SDN from core to edge


of leaders say that connectivity is a primary concern for moving to a hybrid cloud model.


of enterprises expected to deploy SD-WAN within two years.


of telecom companies will make large investments in 5G mobile technologies in the next two to three years.

Network Consulting Services

IBM Network Consulting Services provides strategy, assessment planning and design services aligned with your IT and application needs. Consulting services for software defined networking (SDN), Software Defined WAN (SD-WAN), Internet of Things (IoT) and network infrastructure and application optimization help ensure that your network is future-ready for digital and hybrid multicloud deployments.

Software Defined Networking (SDN)

IBM's SDN Services helps enterprise customers build a highly programmable network fabric that spans Data Center/Cloud (SDN-DC), Wide Area Network (SD-WAN) and Branch Networks (SD-LAN). IBM follows a consulting-led approach to help create cloud-enabled, dynamic, resilient networks that cater to your future business needs.

Managed Network Services

Managed Network Services from IBM can help improve agility, lower costs and reduce complexity across your hybrid cloud, data center, and local and wide area networks. We use software-defined technologies, analytics and automation to integrate networks across carriers and countries for your hybrid cloud environments.

Client Story: Fuji Television Network, Inc.

Fuji Television Network, Inc. needed to build a more secure, flexible network infrastructure to pave the way for work-style reform and future cloud computing initiatives. 

"As Fuji Television works on work-style reform and productivity improvements, we want to build sophisticated networks that perfectly fit the company to help our business grow."

– Akihiko Miyata, Network Engineering Expert, Fujimic, Inc.

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