Traditional networks are rigid, slow to change, expensive, and often too limited to keep up with technological advances and variable IT requirements, which prevents many companies from innovating or reaping the full value of their IT investments

Software-defined networking (SDN) services from IBM can help you transform your static, hardware-centric, device-specific network into an integrated, virtual, software-defined network that increases enterprise agility, is security-rich and streamlines workload management. While SDN is designed to simplify enterprise network management, the setup can be a complex transition; IBM has the experience, knowledge and tools to support your digital transformation and guide you along your SDN journey.

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Transform sluggish networks into nimble connectors

Networks are the most critical component of an effective enterprise IT environment. Software-defined environments incorporate flexibility, automation, high availability and open standards into your IT landscape so you can meet next-generation agility, innovation and application demand in the cloud.

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Benefits of SDN

Future-ready infrastructure

Technology innovation moves fast. A flexible and scalable IT platform can mean the difference between keeping pace and just trying to keep up. SDN has the agility to use the latest cloud resources effectively and provides a framework to support data-intensive, real-time applications.

Reduced hardware and operating costs

SDN helps reduce hardware costs by eliminating the need for manual configuration and supports lower operational costs through administrative efficiency, virtualization control and improving server utilization. Enabling SDN can also help you extend the life of existing network devices and hardware investments.

Centralized network management

SDN provides a central point of control that allows you to manage the entire network as a single unit, increasing visibility and simplifying network management and provisioning. This centralized control can also help improve network security, allowing you to distribute security and policy information consistently across your enterprise.

The IBM approach

Consulting services

Our network consultants will help you develop a forward-looking strategy for your future network by identifying any gaps that are inhibiting your SDN deployment, determining overall automation needs, defining an orchestration strategy and developing a roadmap.

End-to-end support

IBM Network Services provides a full lifecycle of networking services that integrate leading SDN technologies for minimal business disruption. Our services for SDN include high-level architecture; a functional and specified design; hardware and software procurement; building, validation and testing in limited production; and deployment and integration in a full production environment, operational validation and staffing.

Automation and analytics

One advantage of SDN is the ability to shape and control data traffic. We’ll help you dynamically optimize and manage your networking environment by implementing automation and analytics to support a predictable, consistent environment, increased network performance and enhanced user experience.

Expertise beyond services

IBM does not manufacture SDN technologies; our network consultants can provide unbiased advice and serve as your trusted advisors and facilitators, working face-to-face with you to develop customized solutions based on standard methodologies, proven tools and techniques. At our Client Innovation Centers, we work to bring down the risk of SDN deployment by integrating and testing multiple SDN technologies in near-real environments.


ISG recognizes IBM as a market leader in software-defined networking

Our core-to-edge approach to carrier-neutral solutions for SDN/SD-WAN covers device integration, cloud-based application delivery, high-security options and innovative network services.

Software-defined networks with IBM and Cisco

IBM leverages Cisco ACI to help customers transform their networks.

Simplify your network with IBM and Juniper Networks

IBM leverages Juniper Contrail to help customers manage their networks.

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Network agility is key to business agility

Software-defined networks can automatically sense and respond to workload requirements and help facilitate business growth.

Software-defined networking

Explore how SDN enables innovation in a hybrid cloud environment.

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