IBM Network Services continues as a leader in network consulting services in the new 2019 edition of the Worldwide IDC MarketScape report.

Strategize and assess your environment for digital and hybrid multi-clouds

IBM Network Consulting Services provides strategy, assessment planning and design services aligned with your IT and application needs. Consulting services for Software-Defined Networking (SDN), Software-Defined WAN (SD-WAN), Internet of Things (IoT), continuous availability and network infrastructure and application optimization helps ensure that your network is future-ready for digital and hybrid multi-cloud deployments.

IBM’s consulting methodology is technology led; practitioner assisted. This brings in a level of consistency and certainty across the outcomes, while optimizing the overall cost structure.

Software-Defined environments incorporate flexibility, automation, high availability and open standards into your IT landscape so you can meet next-generation agility, innovation and application demand in the cloud. IBM Network Consulting Services – SDN & SDWAN strategy and assessment helps you create and plan for implementing an SDN across your data center and wide areas networks needed for digital and hybrid multi-cloud connectivity.

How it works



The strategy really must focus on the business imperatives and manifested through the applications representing the business. It is in this IBM identifies what elements of the network/IT or organization need to be assessed, what criteria will be used within the assessment to determine how well something compares with the end objectives.



In terms of assessment, IBM looks at the current state and desired state in line with business and application requirements. IBM compare the two to identify gaps and this also allows the consultants to understand how to bridge those gaps. IBM looks at the technology, process and skills alignment from a business needs perspective.

IBM leverages a well-defined, tools-based assessment methodology to gather requirements and aligns the right solution & strategy, inline with client's business and technology requirements.



The next step is to put the plan together for how to close those gaps. In fact, in each phase IBM determines which of the gaps identified makes sense to close (is it feasible or too costly). The closing of gaps is also prioritized in this stage.

Services offered

SDN Readiness assessment for data center networks

IBM provides an in-depth readiness assessment and detailed strategy roadmap, customized to clients' business and IT environment. It helps identify gaps and delivers a prioritized roadmap to align overall data center network landscape to the future state, while balancing the costs.

SD-WAN strategy and assessment

IBM helps clients develop a vendor agnostic SD-WAN strategy and roadmap, leveraging an SD-WAN vendor comparison tool based on scoring matrix. Clients now can take advantage of full cycle of IBM SD-WAN services from - strategy and assessment - design and deploy - monitoring and management.

SDN for IoT

IBM helps clients design their IoT infrastructure components including devices, network connectivity and data center/hybrid multi-cloud resources. Value is delivered via leveraging IBM’s expertise, extending the overall consulting services to support clients in their IoT adoption journey.

Continuous Availability

IBM works with enterprises to provide the highest levels of scalability and availability to their online business services. We design and architect failure-driven architectures for enterprises requiring always on, planet scale, global availability and zero downtime business services.

Network infrastructure cost optimization

IBM helps client to proactively control, manage and optimize their network technology inventory data (Wired/Wireless Voice, Data, and Video Transport Services) and all costs (labor and non-labor) associated with communication services. We help clients optimize their legacy network contracts and also the overall technology expenses (Telecom Expense Management).

Network strategy and planning

IBM provides enterprise network and communications strategy and planning services that help clients determine the right strategies and investments in communications and networking to achieve their business objectives. 

Client innovation centers

IBM helps clients build, integrate and test their SDN solutions before they are implemented in a production environment

What's new

Network as a Programmable Service

Learn how IBM is helping clients in their cloud transformations by providing a globally integrated Software Defined Network-as-a-Service solution with a single “back to pat” for their hybrid cloud and multicloud environments.

Transforming Global Networks for Hybrid Cloud

Multinational enterprises need to employ multiple WAN service providers to support their global operations—adding significant cost and complexity to their operations. This session describes how IBM is providing a multi-network WAN (Hybrid/SD-WAN) solution for customers to meet their technical and commercial requirements, with scalability across many customer locations and countries for a true global network.

ISG recognizes IBM as a market leader in software-defined networking

Our core-to-edge approach to carrier-neutral solutions for SDN/SD-WAN covers device integration, cloud-based application delivery, high-security options and innovative network services.

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