How does network cloudification enable multicloud adoption and make network infrastructure 5G ready?

Support your rapidly growing network needs and align your network infrastructure strategy with network consulting and network integration services

How can IT leaders drive network transformation to ensure business continuity in times of change?

Historically, networks shaped the way business operated, but today we can shift that perspective in such a way that the business scenarios can shape the network to best address the market and leverage different technologies and capabilities to meet the necessary requirements. The result is greater flexibility, greater cost control, and an improved security posture. In this rapidly changing and strict regulatory environment, that security angle is essential to the business continuity. 

Today, networks need to be more about the ability to leverage broadband internet connectivity while working remote, as well as balancing the capacity, availability and security requirements of specific applications.

IBM thinks of network transformation as more than just refreshing the network with new equipment. We advise project-based network consulting and integration services, (including design, integration, and optimization services around organizational corporate voice, data, video, and data center infrastructures) can help serve the needs of enterprises, by being key network drivers.

Why is a consulting-led approach key to laying the foundation for new IT technologies?

Network consulting and integration services can help you address the opportunities and challenges of your networking infrastructure. Consulting Services employs a holistic approach and provides full lifecycle services from strategy and assessment, to design, deployment, ongoing monitoring and management.  With a consulting roadmap in place, it helps you strategically prioritize and interlink networking, operational, and business requirements.

IBM Network Services portfolio is designed to help align the network to your digital and multicloud goals through the use of a tools-driven consulting practice. 

We can help you unify your network infrastructure and lay the foundation for new technologies like software-defined networking (SDN) and network functions virtualization (NFV).

What are the key characteristics and impacts of an effective network consulting approach?

A network consulting-led approach includes complete lifecycle coverage around strategy, assessment planning and design services relevant to your IT and application needs.

A formal network design and plan backed by assessment services helps eliminate ambiguity when a new solution or business process comes up. It would also help plan integration between different network architectures, keeping it aligned with the overall cloud strategy. 

Additionally, a network plan allows for enterprises to strategically approach infrastructure, resiliency, service management, and security considerations while achieving cost optimization.

It would be true to say that the right strategy and roadmap can help IT teams stay focused  resulting in standardization that improves security, maximizes availability, integrates workloads and reduces complexity.

IBM’s consulting methodology is technology led; practitioner assisted. IBM brings together networking services and technology capabilities to demonstrate infrastructure agility.

What you get with IBM Network Consulting Services

Network strategy and planning

IBM provides strategy and planning services that help align the right approach and investments across communications and networking to achieve digitization and hybrid multi-cloud deployment goals, in line with business objectives.

SD-WAN strategy and assessment

IBM helps you with a vendor agnostic SD-WAN strategy and roadmap, leveraging an SD-WAN vendor comparison tool based on scoring matrix. You can take advantage of full cycle of IBM SD-WAN services from—strategy and assessment—design and deploy—monitoring and management.

Client innovation centers

IBM helps clients build, integrate and test their SDN solutions before they are implemented in a production environment. IBM is well placed to offer value across the entire transformation spectrum, ensuring that the network is well aligned with overall outcomes and objectives.

IBM brings together networking services and technology capabilities to demonstrate infrastructure agility and operational efficiency and cost optimization


Be an early adopter and invest in an agile network to keep up with faster provisioning of services, high capacity and performance, thereby preparing you better to handle big data, larger workloads and internet of things.


Our always-on network infrastructure strategy infused with automation and analytics helps ensure availability and performance of critical business applications and workloads.


Make security solutions a part of your network strategy, design and architecture while optimizing costs with software defined and virtualized networks.

IBM named a Leader in network consulting services

This study from IDC MarketScape Vendor Assessment report shows how IBM Network Services has evolved the way in which it sees and architects tomorrow's competitive networks by aligning network to digital and multicloud goals through the use of a tools driven consulting practice.

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