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Storage Fast Start for Rookies

Technology advancements in the storage environment continue to accelerate. Storage systems is a broad term including both a hardware and software environment. IBM Storage solutions provide the speed and performance of ready data access with the agility and efficiency of hybrid cloud and software-defined storage. More importantly, product solutions that connect data across any architecture, helping businesses to face challenges head on while reducing total cost of ownership. Start your storage journey by attending the Storage for Rookies track to better understand capacity, disaster recovery, storage virtualization and its benefits as well as to gain valuable insights on operational constraints. But that’s not all. IBM TechU e-learning courses are available at no additional charge to attendees of the Storage for Rookies track from the time you register for TechU to three months after the event.

Track Curriculum:

The Storage for Rookies track offers focused, in-depth training sessions and labs delivered by IBM Distinguished Engineers, developers or product experts for storage beginners.

Key face-to-face topics:

  • Storage for Rookies Kickoff
  • IBM Spectrum Archive Basics: Taming big data with LTFS standard
  • Spectrum Archive EE and Spectrum Scale - 101 Basics
  • Introduction to IBM Cloud Object Storage System, powered by Cleversafe
  • IBM FlashSystem FS9100: Intro and deep dive
  • Storage directions for IBM and the industry
  • Introduction to IBM block storage replication
  • Storage encryption overview and the big picture, why do I want to do this?
  • Intro to IBM Spectrum Protect family of products
  • Spectrum NAS 101 and key use cases
  • IBM Spectrum Protect 101
  • IBM Spectrum Protect Plus: A technical introduction
  • Software Defined Storage: Storage for Software Defined Environments
  • Spectrum Virtualize 101
  • Enterprise Tape Storage product announcements
  • Is LTO really the new enterprise drive


  • Introduction to Spectrum Protect Plus: Hands-on lab
  • Spectrum Scale CLI lab
  • Spectrum Scale GUI lab
  • Discover IBM Spectrum Virtualize and its advanced features: Hands-on lab

IBM Badge available

2019 TechU IBM Storage - Fast Start

Available: Atlanta TechU (April 29th - May 3rd)

Attend the IBM Storage for Rookies kickoff and then complete at least 75% of the courses in the IBM Storage for Rookies track and all lab sessions as validated by the instructor to get your IBM Badge for 2019 TechU IBM Storage. The badge demonstrates that the holder understands and can articulate foundational knowledge of IBM Storage. Badges will be issued within 2 weeks of course completion.

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