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DevOps Fast Start for IBM Z

Technology advancements in the mainframe environment continue to accelerate. Application development and operations are mission-critical functions, and keeping skills fresh in your organization will keep you on track.

Application developers, Database Administrators, and Operations personnel can learn how to deploy DevOps at upcoming IBM Systems Technical Universities.

This opportunity combines face-to-face with e-learning. This track of sessions helps your team get started and go deep on DevOps with hands-on training delivered by IBM technical training instructors. But that’s not all. We are partnering with Interskill to offer e-learning courses hand-selected for our Fast Start students. The Interskill courses are available at no additional charge to enrollees of the Fast Start learning path from the time you register for TechU to three months after the event. Check out the Fast Start e-learning curriculum.

This package combines face-to-face with e-learning. Look for the question while registering for TechU to signal your interest in the LinuxONE Fast Start for Linux Experts learning path. If you would like to access e-learning from Interskill without registering for TechU, click here.

Enrollees can earn an IBM Digital Badge during the event week, and additional IBM Digital Badges from the related Interskill e-learning courses.

Who should attend?

  • Application Designers, Developers and Testers
  • Database Administrators
  • Datacenter Operations personnel
  • IBM Business Partners
  • Other IT specialists, architects and consultants

IBM Badge Available:

Attend at least 75% of the lectures, and complete all required hands-on lab exercises as validated by the instructor to get your IBM DevOps Fast Start badge. The badge demonstrates that the holder understands and can articulate foundational knowledge for DevOps concepts and practices on IBM Z hardware, running z/OS and/or Linux on Z operating systems.