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Blockchain Architecture Training


This course is developed and owned by an IBM Authorized Global Training Provider: Global Knowledge

This course reviews Blockchain and the architectural and technical topics that must be considered before launching a Blockchain development program. There are many decisions and issues that face the technical project team and this class will enable participants to make those decisions.

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This course is intended for technical leaders who make technical decisions about their architecture, environments, and development platforms.

Key topics

What is Blockchain?
• A record of keeping systems
• Trust
• Decentralization
• Trustless environment

How does Blockchain work?
• Announcements
• Blocks
• Nodes
• Chaining
• Verification
• Consensus
• Scalability
• Privacy
• Crypto hashing
• Digital fingerprinting
• PoW versus PoS

Blockchain Types
• Public versus private
• Open versus closed
• Smart contracts
• Blockchain as history
• Tokens/coins
• Gas

How is Blockchain different from what we have today?
• Decentralization
• Peer-to-peer architecture
• Software versus firmware
• Database versus Blockchain
• Distributed database or other technology?
• Data sovereignty
• Group consensus

Blockchain Use Cases
• Use case examples
o Currency
o Banking
o Voting
o Medical records
o Supply chain/value chain
o Content distribution
o Verification of software updates
o Law enforcement
o Title and ownership records
o Social media and online credibility
o Fractional asset ownership
o Cable television billing
• High fault tolerance
• DDoS-proof
• Public or private Blockchain?
• Who are the participants?

What does a Blockchain app look like?
• DApp
• Resembles typical full stack web application
• Any internal state changes and all transactions are written to the Blockchain
• Node.js
• Public Blockchain visibility
• Private Blockchain solutions
• Oracles

How do I design a Blockchain app?
• What does the solution need to let users do?
• Will the proposed solution reduce or remove the problems and pain points felt by users?
• What should this solution prevent users from doing?
• Do you need a solution ready for heavy use on day 1?
• Is your solution idea enhanced by the use of Blockchain?
• Does the use of Blockchain create a better end-user experience and how?
• Has your business developed custom software solutions before?
• What level of support are you going to need?
• How big is the developer community?
• Does your vision of the future align with the project or platform’s vision of the future?
• Does the platform aim to make new and significant contributions to the development space, or is it an efficiency/cost play?
• Should the solution be a public or private Blockchain?
• Should the solution be an open or closed Blockchain?
• Create a plan for contract updates and changes
• Hybrid solutions
• Monetary exchanges?

How do I develop a Blockchain app?
• Agile approach pre-release
• Define guiding principles up front
• Software versus firmware
• Announcements, not transactions!
• Classes, not contracts
• Link contracts to share functions
• Use calling contracts to keep contract addresses the same
• Hyperledger versus Ethereum
• Consider the number of users and number of transactions per user
• Should a blockless solution be applied?
• Performance
• Security
• Anonymity
• Monolithic versus modular
• Sandwich complexity model

How do I test a Blockchain app?
• Recommendations
• Security
• Networks (Ethereum)


• What is Blockchain?
• How does Blockchain work?
• Blockchain types
• How is Blockchain different from what we use today?
• Blockchain use cases
• What does a Blockchain app look like?
• How do I design, develop, and test a Blockchain app?

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