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Our experts in business, technology and industry design use advanced technology to help you reduce cost and risk, accelerate speed to market, create new revenue streams and establish a security-rich and reliable infrastructure that's ready for AI and hybrid/multicloud.

Break the rules of cloud migration

Learn about the critical success factors for innovative transformation and how VMware and IBM HCX solution, along with IBM Cloud Migration processes, methods and tools, deliver predictable results and accelerate your journey to cloud.

Accelerate transformation and agility across multicloud deployments

To support your digital transformation to hybrid multicloud with speed and agility, IBM utilizes its vast set of resources and capabilities that includes 90,000 cloud experts and experience moving 100,000 workloads to the cloud and managing 30,000 clients worldwide via 60 IBM Cloud datacenters across 19 countries.

Master the challenges of managed cloud services

Concerns about data migration, security or data sovereignty can make it difficult to transform your business with cloud. To better understand the challenges and benefits of managed cloud services, Frost & Sullivan interviewed more than 260 C-suite and senior IT decision makers. Find out what they said.

Estimate your potential 3-year cost savings with IBM as your tech support provider

This interactive economic impact calculator is based upon a Forrester Consulting study with IBM: The Total Economic Impact of IBM Multivendor Services.

All IT support under one contract

See how IBM helps clients save up to 25% of IT support spend, cut vendor management time up to 20%, and optimize your IT infrastructure while keeping your IT staff focused on business-critical goals.

5 key technologies for enabling a cyber resilience framework

IDC breaks down exactly what your business needs to develop your cyber resilience strategy.

IDC breaks down exactly what your business needs to develop your cyber resilience strategy.

You'll learn:

  • how cyber resilience practices can help you mitigate cyber risks
  • how to recover from breach or failure in a controlled, measurable way
  • how to modify your data protection and recovery practices to better align with today's more targeted and malicious attacks.
  • Preparedness is everything. Sign up now to get started on your cyber resilience strategy.