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Move to the Cloud Confidently

IBM Market Development & Insights (MD&I) surveyed 201 business and technology leaders to better understand the degree of confidence that organizations have in their move to the cloud and what, if anything, would help reassure them that they can continue to accelerate cloud adoption. The study reveals:

  • 33% of the enterprises are on way into their cloud journeys.
  • 47% of IT professionals are unsure how to move to the cloud.
  • 66% of organizations are ensuring proper security and resiliency protections.

Read the full study to understand the key considerations to improve workload migration and modernization, and how IBM can help you confidently move to the cloud.

2019 Gartner Magic Quadrant Report names IBM as a leader

Gartner analyzes execution, strategic vision, and data center outsourcing and hybrid infrastructure services offerings for North America of 20 DCO/HIMS providers. Read the report to learn:

  • The strengths and cautions for all participating vendors
  • How to think about key evaluation criteria to guide your decision process
  • Why IBM is positioned as a leader in Data Center Outsourcing and Hybrid Infrastructure Managed Services

Frost & Sullivan research report: 269 CIOs share their views

Leaders are increasingly relying on managed cloud services (MCS) to help accelerate return on investment in SAP and Oracle for business-critical applications by delivering the skills to optimize cloud. But 77% of IT Leaders had trouble finding the right partner to manage their SAP or Oracle workloads. Read the full report to learn:

  • Decision-making processes, challenges and perceived benefits of cloud migration
  • Current and future patterns of MCS adoption and SAP or Oracle workload deployment
  • Any significant differences between MCS users and non-users

Forrester Total Economic Impact Study

Forrester Consulting recently interviewed more than 260 users and analyzed the cost savings and business benefits they’ve realized from deploying multivendor services (MVS). The Total Economic Impact™ of IBM Multivendor Support Services study, commissioned by IBM, reveals that MVS result in:

  • 25% reduction in maintenance and support spending
  • 20% reduction in time spent on hardware support tasks
  • 20% reduction in time spent on vendor relationship management
  • Extended useful life of older equipment
  • Improvements in systems availability

Read the full study to learn how these organizations are reaping the benefits of advanced IT support management technologies infused with automation by choosing IBM Multivendor Support Services.

A trusted IT support partner to meet your unique needs.

Learn how IBM helps clients:

  • Reduce complexity, decrease costs and ensure high availability.
  • Reduce the threat of hardware-related outages and speed time to repair if they do occur
  • Optimize the IT infrastructure
  • Support more predictable and consistent hardware maintenance costs.

Forrester named IBM as leader in Disaster-Recovery-as-a-Service Providers

In Forrester's 34-criterion evaluation of disaster-recovery-as-a-service (DRaaS) providers, they identified the eight most significant ones. IBM has been named a Leader. Read the full report to learn:

  • How each provider measures up
  • How to help infrastructure and operations (I&O) professionals select the right one for their needs.
  • Why IBM has been named a leader