Intelligent Workflows Assessment

Are your workflows ready for the next big wave of change?

The way business gets done is transforming — from the way we hire to the way we create new products and services. We are witnessing the next big shift in business architectures driven by what we call intelligent workflows. This new concept applies exponential technologies to core processes and workflows across any organization.

IBM Services has designed a process assessment to determine where your business stands today and how intelligent workflows can help you drive enterprise differentiation.

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Intelligent Workflows Assessment

1. What part of the business do you support?

Intelligent Workflows Assessment

2. Which scenario best describes how the processes in your organization function?

Intelligent Workflows Assessment

3. How well integrated is your company across front, middle and back offices?

Intelligent Workflows Assessment

4. On a scale of 1-10, does your company culture encourage continuous innovation and change? (1 being not at all and 10 being very well with tangible results)

Intelligent Workflows Assessment

5. What barriers have delayed or kept you from you transforming your processes?

Intelligent Workflows Assessment

6. What outcomes do you expect to get out of a process transformation? (Select all that apply)

4 ways intelligent workflows are transforming business


Siloed, static processes become integrated, agile workflows.


Insights derived from historical data become actions derived from real- time data.


Standardized tasks are automated into orchestration and augmentation of variable tasks and exceptions.


Repetitive, mundane activities become higher value, knowledge-based work.