Digital transformation: Reimagining your business

By Saul Berman, Peter J. Korsten and Anthony Marshall

Transcending disruption

Digital technologies have altered how people and businesses interact. Digital forces have created unprecedented levels of industry dislocation and are fundamentally changing business economics. To succeed in this disruptive environment, organizations will need to offer compelling new experiences, establish new focus, build new expertise and devise new ways of working. Business leaders will face a stark choice: Either digitally reinvent their enterprises, or watch as their businesses decompose around them. Successful Digital Reinvention™ will involve a fundamental reimagining of how an organization operates and how it engages with its environment.

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Study highlights

60 percent of Global CEOs are expecting more competition from outside their industry
81 percent of global CEOs want to use technology to develop stronger customer relationships
54 percent of global executives believe that customer buying behavior is shifting from products and services to experiences
The four district characteristics of the E2E economy
The first fours steps of digital reinvention, 1: Envision 2: Create 3: Deepen 4: Orchestrate
For successful digital reinvention, organizations need to pursue a new strategic focus, build new expertise and establish new ways of working.
Digital reinvention in action. What to do and how to make it happen
The most successful digitally reinvented businesses establish a platform of engagement for their customers, acting as enabler, conduit and partner.

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Digital Reinvention™: Are you ready?