Digital transformation: New business models, new customer expectations

By Ragna Bell and Saul Berman

The new digital age.

Individuals and businesses alike are embracing the digital revolution. Social networks and digital devices are being used to engage government, businesses and civil society, as well as friends and family. People are using mobile, interactive tools to determine who to trust, where to go and what to buy. At the same time, businesses are undertaking their own digital transformations, rethinking what customers value most and creating operating models that take advantage of what’s newly possible for competitive differentiation. The challenge for business is how fast and how far to go on the path to digital transformation.


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Study highlights

Companies with a cohesive strategy for integrating digital and physical elements can successfully transform their business models - and set new directions for entire industries.
Successful digital reinvention is two-fold: Reshaping customer value propositions and transforming operating models for greater customer interaction.
Businesses need a new portfolio of capabilities for flexibility and responsiveness in addressing fast-changing customer requirements.

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