Building customer engagement with Gen Z, today's youngest consumers

By Christopher Wong, Jane Cheung, Simon Glass and David McCarty

Disruptive and distinctive, Gen Z shoppers are growing up

A new kind of shopper is on the rise. Relentless technological innovations, challenging economic conditions and complicated global politics strongly influence Gen Zers habits, behaviors and expectations. Despite their young ages, members of Generation Z (Gen Zers) already hold unprecedented influence over family purchasing decisions and wield enormous economic power. Retail and consumer products (CP) brands must engage the upcoming Gen Zers now to prosper tomorrow.


Uniquely Generation Z. What brands should know about today's youngest customers. Surveyed Gen Zers use devices primarily for texting and chatting. Graphic showing figure representing Gen Z with radiating pie graphs showing the activities they do on mobile: 58% play games; 59% access entertainment; 73% text and chat; 36% do schoolwork; 28% learn new things; 17% shop and browse

Download the study infographic (883KB)

Uniquely Generation Z: What brands should know about today’s youngest consumers

Study highlights

Over 70% of surveyed GEn Zers said they influence family decisions on buysing furniture, household good, and food and beverages.
60% of surveyed Gen Zers said they will not use an app or website that is slow to load.
Less than 30% of sureveyed Gen Zers are willing to share health and wellness, location, personal life or payment information.

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