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Improve your organization’s incident response program, minimize the impact of a breach and experience rapid response to cybersecurity incidents 
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According to the Cost of a Data Breach 2023, the average cost savings of an organization that has an incident response team and proactive IR testing versus organizations with no IR team or testing is USD 1.5 million.
IBM X-Force Incident Response includes a team of experienced threat hunters, responders and investigators who specialize in incident preparedness, detection, response and recovery.

Our goal is to reduce the business impact of a breach and improve resiliency to attacks through planning and testing.

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If you are experiencing a cybersecurity incident, contact the X-Force team to help.

US hotline 1-888-241-9812

Global hotline (+001) 312-212-8034

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Are you prepared if an attack occurs?
  The IBM X-Force® Incident Response Retainer is a subscription-based service that provides access to a team of trusted experts trained to help you effectively respond to threats and potential attacks. Download the data sheet
Benefits Around-the-clock support  

Annual subscription-based IR retainer service can help you receive rapid response to cybersecurity incidents with our around-the-clock global hotline and boots on the ground support.

Attack readiness  

Prepare your organization with a menu of proactive services to enhance your incident response program, management and recovery.

Agile response  

Gain deep insight into how and why the incident started with threat intelligence and forensic analysis, enabling agile response to meet law enforcement or regulatory requirements.

Capabilities Incident response and cyber crisis management  

Increase preparedness with our assess, build and test capabilities and our processes, plans and playbooks that minimize the impact of cybersecurity incidents. Receive emergency incident response support such as forensic analysis, incident command, deep/dark web analysis and skillfull support from IBM and our strategically aligned business partners. 

IR for operational technology (OT)

Everything is connected—including your factories, offices and fleet. Ensure your incident response plans and playbooks account for OT and IoT. Assess, build, train, and test—IBM brings you a complete and comprehensive incident response program to prepare your cybersecurity and operations staff.  Robust OT/IoT incident response is not just necessary—it's paramount.

Active threat assessment  

What have your existing security tools failed to alert on? An active threat assessment, alternatively referred to as a compromise assessment, can uncover undetected threats in the environment while exposing unknown areas of the network through data-driven analysis. Gain visibility into your organization's attack surface through the identification of unauthorized activity, misconfigurations, vulnerabilities and potentially unwanted applications.

Ransomware readiness assessment  

This X-Force incident reponse service enables your organization to evaluate its readiness to respond to—and recover from—ransomware attacks; identify control gaps; and provide actionable recommendations to improve incident response capabilities.

Cyber Range exercises

Organizations can train, validate and/or test their incident response or executive/cyber crisis management functions with exercises ranging from tabletops to hands-on-keyboard IR investigations, or highly-immersive crisis-level executive experiences based on real-world events.

Cyber Range design and build consulting

Building on top of IBM’s own experience with operating X-Force Cyber Ranges, see how IBM can design and build a realistic and immersive training environment for your organization to effectively prepare for and respond to cyber threats and crises through simulated real-world scenarios and challenges.

Dig into the New Threats of 2024 with X-Force
Armed with the insights of our Threat Intelligence Index 2024 Report, our team can help you secure your business against cyber threats. We are offering briefings with our expert team of intelligence analysts to give you customized insights about your organization. Schedule a no-cost briefing with an expert Read the report


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IBM X-Force

We are a threat-centric team of hackers, responders, researchers, and intelligence analysts. We provide offensive and defensive products and services to help you prepare for, respond to, and recover from incidents so you can build true cyber resiliency into your security strategy.

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