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What started as a tiny team of consultants focused on human-centered design has grown into a creative interactive agency with a diverse skill set. Today, we design innovative services and user interfaces that align creative strategies with our client’s business objectives. Together with clients, we cocreate roadmaps to engagement by understanding what drives customers and where customer needs overlap with your business goals.

Our team of programmers, data scientists, designers and consultants develops complex customer-centric platforms, apps and processes. We help companies in Poland by driving digital product innovation, customer experience management and digital transformation programs using our Design Thinking methodology together with technology-driven approaches.

Our favorite places to grab a bite

A perfect start to your day:
Come and enjoy with us rich and creamy coffee in Green Coffee Nero The Park, Krakowiaków 48, 02-255 Warszawa, Poland

A treat for all the foodies:
Let us take you out to the The Park Warsaw, where you can relish fresh and delicious burgers or French and Asian cuisine.
Krakowiaków 50, 02-255 Warszawa, Poland

Warsaw, PL landspace

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Contact: Jarek Gęsicki, iX Warsaw Studio Lead

Email: jarek.gesicki@pl.ibm.com

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