We are a collection of renegades and realists focused on the single biggest business challenge: tomorrow.

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Paul Papas
Global Managing Partner, Digital Strategy & iX
New York, NY

I'm dedicated to making IBM iX the greatest place to work and bringing the greatest value to our clients, listening to the Hamilton soundtrack all the while.

Paul discusses digital disruption

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Matt Candy
Global Leader, IBM iX
London, England

Golf at my home course in Devon is fun, but days I spend crafting ideas for new digital experiences and transforming businesses are the most fulfilling.

2017 BIMA 100 list

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Nancy Kramer
Chief Evangelist
Columbus, OH

The endless potential of technology—and IBM's leadership in it—inspires me every day to improve industries and society.

Digiday 50 Changemakers

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Billy Seabrook
Global Chief Creative Officer

I'm changing the way the world works through progressive strategies, human-centered design, and transformative technology.

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Saul Berman
Chief Strategist
Los Angeles, CA

Traveling the world gives me the inspiration to envision the future and create excitement for our teams and clients.

Read the experience revolution series

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Al Jenkins
General Manager, Bluewolf
Washington DC, US

When I’m not pacing the sidelines at youth lacrosse games, I help global clients reinvent to compete in a digital world.

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Heidi Fillmore
Vice President & Global Leader: IBM iX Mobile & XR
Toronto, Ontario, Canada

There has never been a more exciting time to be at this nexus of design, business and tech. I'm dedicated to pushing boundaries and bringing real innovation to our clients. Standing still is not an option.

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Sarah Bernuit
Vice President Europe, Digital Strategy & iX
Düsseldorf, Germany

An aspiring mash-up of Christine Lagarde & David Guetta, keen to rave with our clients in Digital and produce measurable impact.

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Kazuaki Ikeda
Vice President and Partner, Digital Strategy & iX Japan Lead
Tokyo, Japan

I love to innovate, combining different concepts—science & art, logic & emotion, US & Japanese culture—into new ideas for clients.

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Clifford Patrao
Partner, Strategy & Transformation
Mumbai, India

I love the strategic options that digital technologies present for us and our clients, providing innumerable opportunities to create something new.

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