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As a global alliance partner for over 20 years, IBM iX® expertly designs experiences and integrates systems leveraging the Adobe® Experience Platform. Together we deliver comprehensive solutions that scale.

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Adding AI to the equation

Personalize customer experiences in real time with AI-based insights, interactions and automation.

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Uniquely delivering on the three pillars of experience management

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Experience management

Progressive personalization

Multichannel optimization

Get started with Experience Catalyst for Adobe

Don't waste your time stitching together different marketing platforms and data sets. Allow us to systematically review your current technology stack, evaluate your experience vision against platform capabilities, and deliver a comprehensive reference architecture just for you.

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Shoe lovers get an omnichannel upgrade

DSW is aggressively courting buyers beyond brick and mortar with enticing experiences seamlessly executed across channels via the Adobe marketing platform.

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Think marketing outcomes first, techniques second

Companies are awash in customer and performance data,
but are they poised to activate it?

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