Why enterprise agility?

While agile grew out of software development, enterprise agility extends well beyond that. It is about changing the way companies work — and changing it in a modern way.

The agile enterprise: Building a better business

Visions of an agile enterprise carry benefits for cost control, speedy adaption and long-term ROI, but what does this transformation look like in practice? Find out how organizations can incorporate agility to build a better business.

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Scaling to the enterprise: 4 primary steps


Define the starting point and target

To start the change, we need enough clarity to know where we want to apply the change and how bold we are trying to be.


Reimagine the organization

Change means empowering smaller teams led by a new type of servant leader to get to client valued outcomes quicker.


Change the ways of working

Give teams and leaders training, coaching, tooling and a new means of managing demand and work in the organization.


Govern and measure what matters

Companies need to address their underlying governance model and infuse new views of measurement, compliance and performance.

Enterprise agility – Transforming to digital

The journey should start with a clear vision and address the organizational structure, the new way of working and a new operating model.

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