How secure are your GCP and hybrid cloud workloads?

83 percent

By 2020, 83 percent of enterprise workloads will be in cloud.¹

74 percent

Nearly three-fourths of enterprises are moderately or highly concerned about public cloud security.²

95 percent

Through 2022, at least 95 percent of cloud security failures will be the customer’s fault.²

IBM security solutions for Google Cloud provide

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Enhanced Google Cloud native security

Secure GCP cloud workloads with support for GCP-native security controls and alignment of native-to-enterprise processes. 

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Incorporate detection and response technologies, managed security services, and AI-driven threat disposition capability to extend your security resources.

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Centralized visibility

Align cloud-native security capabilities to the enterprise, target critical security use cases and improve visibility while minimizing dependency on specialized skills.

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Orchestrated incident response

Streamline incident response using managed detection and response and IBM Security SOAR incident response (IR) for run-book orchestration and alignment to X-Force® Incident Response Services for planning, testing and executing IR.

Protect your Google Cloud environment

Managed security solutions help you protect your GCP and hybrid multi-cloud environments. Powered by AI and automation, IBM X-Force Cloud Security Services for GCP offers market-leading expertise.

These include X-Force Threat Management, Managed Detection and Response, managed container security, centralized and simplified visibility for third-party security controls (such as endpoint and  vulnerability scanning) orchestrated incident response, and more.

Consulting and system integration capabilities for GCP

Securely plan, move, build and manage your journey to cloud with consulting and system integration capabilities for GCP. Our security experts deliver robust cloud security solutions to help you find right balance of security controls at any stage. GCP-designed services include cloud security and compliance strategy, data security, secure application design and development, secure DevSecOps advisory, security operations and design with native GCP security alignment, cloud security posture management, container security services, offensive testing, incident response planning, SAP security and more.

Detect and respond to threats across your cloud environment with intelligent security analytics

Achieve layered security controls by integrating IBM QRadar® SIEM with GCP’s native security capabilities for improved compliance, visibility and insight into endpoints, users, networks, on-premises and cloud environments to better detect and respond to threats regardless of where they occur. QRadar delivers a robust set of out-of-the-box integrations, advanced use cases and security monitoring capabilities on the Google Cloud Platform and across hybrid enterprise environments.

Secure GCP and hybrid cloud resources

IBM and Google Cloud partner to deliver systems integration and managed security services

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