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The X-Force team offers security services to help enhance software supply chain security and modernize critical infrastructure security.
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Reduce the risk of a critical infrastructure compromise

In response to continuous malicious cybersecurity incidents which have impacted critical infrastructure, the economy and humanity’s basic needs, the U.S. Federal Government announced the U.S. Executive Order 14028. The order sets up a framework to help protect public and private sector organizations from supply chain and other types of breaches. 

The order highlights the need for organizations to establish baseline security standards. It also aims to help organizations protect against and detect and respond to cybersecurity threats by instilling best practices defined in guidelines from the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) and Zero Trust frameworks. X-Force offensive and defensive security services can help you build security into your software development supply chain by helping identify and mitigate high risk vulnerabilities that attackers may target.

New cyber requirements for critical infrastructure suppliers

Benefits Enhance

Your security strategy


Your digital users, assets, and data


Your defenses against growing threats


Your security with an open, zero trust approach and multi-cloud platform


Modernize security and remove barriers to collaboration, intelligence sharing, and threat response.

Application Penetration Testing

Perform tool-based and manual testing against applications in the software development lifecycle to find high risk vulnerabilities such as business logic and SQL injection flaws.

Static and Dynamic Application Security Testing

Uncover and fix source code vulnerabilities exposing your most important applications to an attacker.

Proactive and Reactive Incident Response (IR) Services

X-Force provides proactive planning and tabletop exercises, early detection of and response to incidents, and active threat hunting.

Zero trust security strategy

Provide advanced protection from cyber threats across the supply chain with a zero trust strategy.

Cloud security solutions

Integrate security into every phase of your cloud journey with IBM Security cloud security solutions.

Security information and event management

Detect, investigate and respond to organization-wide cybersecurity threats with security information and event management (SIEM) solutions.

IBM Creating Center for Government Cybersecurity

IBM is creating a facility to feature secured laboratory space where government organizations can collaborate on unique solutions for advanced security threats leveraging insights from demos of IBM technologies and services.

IBM Garage Zero Trust Framing Workshop

A zero trust strategy requires that different security teams collaborate. IBM Garage pulls together cross-functional members of your security, IT, and enterprise architecture teams to align around agency objectives and security goals, and the challenges to accomplishing them.

Resources NIST Cybersecurity Framework

The NIST Cybersecurity Framework provides comprehensive guidance and best practices that private sector organizations can follow to improve information security and cybersecurity risk management.

Ransomware protection

Help protect your organization’s data from ransomware threats that can hold it hostage.

X-Force Threat Intelligence Index Report

Understand your cyber risks with the X-Force Threat Intelligence Index.

Cost of a Data Breach Report

Gain insights on how to mitigate damages with Cost of a Data Breach report.

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