Invest in skilling your workforce

Understand and optimize your employees’ current skills to develop a workforce that's prepared for the future.

IBM helps you build resiliency through a talent development strategy that dynamically adapts to changing business needs while fostering a culture of employee learning.

What you get with IBM Workplace Support Services with Watson

Analytics and AI

Data reveals what’s happening at your organization, such as where issues reside, their seasonality and the like.

Our agents host more-personalized user experiences and help you to yield optimal results that gradually continue to improve.


The ability to act on behalf of live agents, to use downloadable scriptlets, and to resolve problems before users experience them.

Information architects

At IBM, we believe that there’s no AI without IA—information architects. These are the professionals who train the solution to optimize AI’s full potential.



Increase productivity by reducing the number of service desk calls.

Cost savings

Customize your service desk support quickly for bottom-line savings.

Resource optimization

Use analytics to customize AI for your business and draw out its full potential.

Analyst report: market intelligence firm, IDC, discusses IBM’s offering

At a time when droves of enterprise workers are turning to AI-powered tools for IT support, IDC focuses its critical eye on the topic. IT decision makers are downloading this timely white paper to learn IDC’s point of view on AI help desks. Report excerpt: “Using Watson intelligence and cloud-based tools, IBM can provide secure, personalized support across virtual, physical, and connected environments.”

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