CIOs worldwide are challenged to digitally reinvent their workplaces and create better experiences for users in order to boost productivity, satisfaction and cost savings

IBM Workplace Support Services with Watson™ reinvents the traditional service desk. Our AI-powered service desk is always available to support users, when and how they choose, with a high resolution rate. Watson also remembers user preferences and learns from every interaction –  so the more users interact with Watson, the more effective it becomes.

Accelerating the Support Experience with the Cognitive, AI-Powered Help Desk

Users prefer a personalized and efficient support experience, but routing every issue to a live agent is costly and inefficient. IDC’s research shows how AI-powered support organizations enable human service agents to do their jobs better.

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Benefits of Workplace Support Services with Watson

Always-on support

Always-on support

Provide your users with a support experience that is available when and where they need it.

Personalized for every user

Personalized for every user

Watson remembers user preferences and learns from interactions to tailor the support experience to a user’s specific needs.

Cost-effective and conserves resources

Cost-effective and conserves resources

Resolve more issues through self-service and cut down on the number of calls that need to be routed to a live agent.

The IBM approach

Effective user experiences powered by AI

Watson interacts with users in natural language. It provides rapid resolution to Level 1 issues and seamless routing to service desk agents when needed. It also remembers user preferences and devices, so users don’t lose time re-entering their information, as well as their chat history to pass along if routed to a live agent.

Continuous innovation

Built-in Watson Analytics help prioritize IT issues by uncovering insights from ticket data, chat logs and other structured and unstructured data. Watson learns from every interaction it has and can alert service desk agents to potential disruptions before they arise. Meanwhile, IBM data architects continually help analyze, monitor and select available knowledge articles to meet users’ changing needs.

Any device, any time, any location

With Watson on your team, your users get effective and efficient support whenever they need it. Watson never sleeps, never takes a new job, never forgets what it learns and is always security-rich and ready to work for your users.

Integrate and customize

Workplace Support Services with Watson is ready to integrate with industry-leading platforms, such as ServiceNow. IBM also offers a full spectrum of service desk offerings, including deskside support and ClientCenter.


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“Using Watson intelligence and cloud-based tools, IBM can provide secure, personalized support across virtual, physical, and connected environments.”

—IDC, “Accelerating the Support Experience with the Cognitive, AI-Powered Help Desk,”

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