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Di, 7. Juli, 16 Uhr, 1 Std.

Benefits of marketing automation in challenging times

How to increase the effectiveness of marketing campaigns

Most businesses are facing challenges right now. With the current global crisis due to COVID-19, marketers have to adapt to a completely new scenario of where to reach out to new and existing customers. The digital presence is more important than ever, while on the other hand marketers have to prove the impact of every spending.

The causes of this economy downturn come from unprecedented circumstances, yet we can apply learnings from previous economic crises. Companies that maintain some marketing efforts will most likely reap the rewards and rebound more quickly.

Before making any investment though, it's important to take the time to explore what the next steps and right actions are to engage your audience going forward.

Marketing automation is known for increasing marketing efficiencies and helping marketers prove the ROI of their campaigns. However, does it fit to every company? Is marketing automation only useful for sending e-mails? How long does it take to get a marketing automation solution up and running? In this talk we address how marketing automation can support in different cases in a B2B and B2C environment.

*This talk will be in English.

Marketing automation

How to prove ROI with marketing automation

Data-based decisions

How to make better decisions leveraging data

Customer Experience

How to improve customer experience with marketing automation

Getting started

Tips and tricks for the start with marketing automation

Natascia Pasero

Head of Business Consulting, Digital Marketing

Natascia Pasero is Head of Business Consulting for, part of IBM iX, after working for several years as a digital marketing consultant. She has contributed to multiple challenging B2B and B2C Marketing Automation and E-Commerce projects in Europe, US and Australia. She has a strong experience in designing marketing operation processes that focus on the customer experience and cross-functional alignment. She has studied Information Engineering at Politecnico di Torino which gave her a good technical background to understand better how marketing and sales can be supported by technology.

Marketing automation solutions

IBM iX supports clients in their exploration of potential benefits of a marketing automation solution. On top of this we help clients design customer journeys based on user and market research, implement the solution and transition and execute marketing operations.

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