A large European bank turned their contact center into a customer engagement hub — with an ROI of 293%.

Build a resilient and smarter call center

The COVID-19 pandemic is forcing businesses to rethink and radically change their operations in real time. In particular, contact centers have become the first line of interaction with customers. As customer calls and demands increase, employees must be able to serve complex customer requests quickly and with greater empathy.

Conversational AI can help you meet customers on their terms, addressing customer requests while reducing effort. Virtual agents, embedded into intelligent workflows, can help you scale operations, reduce costs and improve employee productivity.

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Cognitive Care solutions for digital transformation

IBM’s Cognitive Care solutions can help you create smarter omnichannel experiences. By leveraging real-time data, intelligent automation and AI technology, the team can help you transform customer conversations, scale operations and delight users.

IBM Services® partners with IBM Watson®, Google, Microsoft, LivePerson, 24/7, ServiceNow, Twilio, SAP, Salesforce and others to craft a solution that best fits your business needs. Our industry and technology experts are here to guide you through your enterprise AI transformation journey, from call centers to employee resources and beyond.

Watson Assistant is conversational AI designed for business

In today’s digitally connected world, consumers demand an unprecedented level of 24x7x365 customer service. In fact, most unsatisfied customers will not return. Watson Assistant solves this. It empowers enterprises to continuously address and resolve customer and employee inquiries across multiple channels with ease. IBM Watson Assistant is the industry-leading AI assistant technology that enables business users and developers to collaborate and build robust conversational solutions.

IBM Salesforce Consulting Services

IBM Services for Salesforce helps organizations reimagine their business, making employee workflows more efficient and customer relationships more human. Leverage the Salesforce platform to engage customers across multiple channels and provide employees with a single view of their customer in one place. With IBM’s expertise across products, services and industries, we can help you create more personalized interactions with your customer, and empower employees with the tools and technology they need to succeed.

See why IBM is a leader in conversational AI

HfS ranks IBM #2 in Enterprise AI Services

This HFS Enterprise AI Services Top 10 Report examines the part service providers are playing in the rapidly growing AI landscape.

Forrester TEI study for Watson Assistant

This recent Forrester TEI study found that Watson Assistant customers saw $24 million in benefits over three years through reduced costs and higher revenues.

Case studies

95% accuracy rate

Bradesco's AI assistant achieved an exceptional accuracy rate when responding to customer queries.

USD 1 million in savings

In first year of deployment, Generali saved USD 1 million.

50+ service phone numbers condensed to 1 number

CaixaBank created a streamlined omnichannel support environment with a single telephony and CRM platform.

20% improvement in customer NPS

Royal Bank of Scotland (now NatWest Group) built an AI assistant on the cloud to help mortgage call center employees better support home buyers.

Educational resources

Implement market-leading conversational AI

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5 Tips to improve your contact center

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Reinventing the contact center

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Put smarter AI assistant to work

Join IBM experts to learn basic and advanced conversational AI concepts that are helping businesses better engage with customers.

Empowering the agent experience with AI

In the age of hyper-personalization and rising customer expectations, agents need to lean on AI to augment their customer care capabilities.

Get started with conversational AI today

Global enterprises of all sizes and from all industries are seeing powerful results when they apply conversational AI to customer and employee service. Click below for two places to start your conversational AI journey.