93% of businesses get third-party help with their hybrid cloud deployment.

Services for Cloud Migration

What is IBM Cloud Migration Services?

IBM Cloud Migration Services helps handle your business’ cloud migration, so you can concentrate on your business.

How can IBM Cloud Migration Services help your business?

IBM Cloud Migration Services helps boost the speed, performance, scalability and security of your cloud adoption. It helps you decide on the best migration strategy for your business and provides a secure, repeatable and scalable path to the cloud.

What are some benefits that IBM Cloud Migration Services can help your business attain?

Some of the agility and delivery benefits that IBM Cloud Migration Services offers include:

  • Up to 25% reduction in migration errors
  • Up to 25% improvement time to insight
  • Up to 50% reduction in effort for delivering application modernization

A streamlined cloud migration enables:

Improved agility and time to market

Gain up to 40 – 60% improved agility and time to market.

Reduced operational costs and TCO

Up to 30% reduction of operational costs and 20 – 40% reduced TCO

New revenue opportunities

Up to 20% unlocking of new revenue opportunities

Cloud migration for cloud/multicloud

58% of businesses face challenges when migrating to cloud. Gain flexibility and scalability by simplifying your migration.

IBM has 90,000 cloud experts, deep expertise in over 20 industries, invests 6 Billion USD in R&D, proven methods, and a broad set of cloud solutions to help you discover, migrate, manage and secure your multicloud environment.

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