Enterprises are looking to take advantage of the agility security, speed and flexibility of hybrid environments, but lack the time and in-house skills and cannot accurately project costs

Cloud consulting and migration services from IBM can help you streamline migration strategy, event planning, testing and migration with our industry-leading tools, quick-start templates and techniques, and automation. Pay-as-you-go, consumption-based pricing allows you to customize services and create a plan to migrate workloads as you need them. Tap into a global pool of skilled migration engineers who understand the available vendor tools, migration scenarios and methods based on thousands of successful migrations.

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Cloud Brokerage Workload Planning

Use predictive analytics to continuously plan for app needs with this intelligent application that gives you a framework to make faster workload placement decisions.




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Services offered

Cloud Management and Operations Consulting

Experienced IBM consultants can provide you with an assessment, roadmap, architecture design and implementation plan, plus integration assistance to successfully transition to a hybrid cloud environment.

Cloud Migration Services

Reduce the time and cost of your cloud migration with a time-tested, structured approach and technology designed to simplify the process.

Cloud Brokerage Workload Planning

Improve and accelerate workload placement decisions. Workload planning services from IBM can help you assess apps for the cloud and find the best-fit provider.

Our technology services are powered by IBM Services Platform with Watson

Run your infrastructure with an IT platform that has the ability to make autonomous decisions and uses data to manage the operations that keep your environment healthy, always-on and continually optimized.

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Mohammed Farooq

General Manager, IBM Brokerage Services

Ilyas Iyoob

IBM Distinguished Engineer, IT Supply Chain & Cloud Broker Analytics

Manish Modh

IBM Distinguished Engineer & CTO Brokerage Services

Jeffrey P. Cohen

Systems Services Consultant, IBM Infrastructure Services

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Cloud brokerage services from IBM can enable IT and business decision-makers to effectively optimize the use of in-house and third-party cloud services.

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Cloud Automation Services

Integrated automation can provide speed, quality and consistency of service delivery.

Integrated Managed Infrastructure Services (IMI)

Enable consumption of services dynamically across multiple platforms through a self-service catalog and a choice of service levels.

Managed Hosting and Application Services

Improve business agility, reduce capital expense and enhance your hybrid cloud capabilities with a full suite of advanced networking, application and hosting services.