Cloud management consistency is a priority concern for 67% of businesses

What is IBM Services for Cloud Management?

IBM Services for Cloud Management helps your business manage its hybrid multicloud environment during its digital transformation.

How can IBM Services for Cloud Management help your business?

IBM Services for Cloud Management helps deliver a unified approach to traditional IT management, enterprise applications, and hybrid multicloud deployments. It helps improve business resilience, security, and compliance management with industry-leading service level agreements and security.

What are some benefits that IBM Services for Cloud Management can help your business attain?

IBM Services for Cloud Management helps manage your business’ growing IT complexity. It helps your business focus on its high value prospects and reduces time spent managing infrastructure. It helps reduce your operational costs by up to 20% and uses AI and data to increase your competitive advantage.

IBM Services can help manage growing IT complexity

Focus on high value projects

Focus on high value projects

Spend up to 90% less time managing infrastructure

Reduce costs

Reduction in costs

Reduce operational costs by up to 20 percent and reinvest the savings in innovation

Competitive differentiation

Increased competitive advantage

By leveraging AI & Data for competitive differentiation

Multicloud Management Services

Multicloud environments require new management solutions to optimize performance, control costs and secure complicated mixes of applications and environments, regardless of whether they are inside the data center or in the cloud but,  Embarking on a cloud journey and managing cloud-based services across multiple providers can seem overwhelming.

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Featured service

IBM Multicloud Management Platform
Manage and operate an agile and scalable architecture to support any workload on any cloud.

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Enterprise application management

Secure, predictive and proactive management services supporting critical business processes in a digital workplace.

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Featured service

Managed Services for SAP Applications
Choose the right managed cloud services for your SAP applications and get more out of your SAP ERP data.

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Managed Infrastructure as a Service

Delivering hybrid cloud infrastructure in a managed as-a-Service model, from on-premise Private Cloud, to GTS multi-tenant Clouds, to IBM Cloud, inclusive of the complete infrastructure (compute, networking, storage, backup, facilities and network connectivity).

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Featured service

Managed Cloud Environment for z Systems®
Run mission-critical workloads in a cloud environment with access to the latest mainframe technology and expertise.

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Additional Cloud Management Services

Application Development & Management Services

Add new effectiveness to both new and old apps, and get them to market faster with expert development and management services. IBM helps you migrate and modernize infrastructure and applications to hybrid and multicloud environments with flexibility and openness by using new technologies, such as containers and Kubernetes.

Cloud Security & Resiliency

Provide insights, protection, detection, response and recovery services to ensure the security and resiliency of the Client’s hybrid IT estate and critical business processes

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