10 Criteria For Selecting A Managed Services Provider

Deliver 36% greater efficiency with your hybrid infrastructure

Meet the demands of your organization’s mobile, social, big data and cloud computing needs with IBM® Integrated Managed Infrastructure Services (IMI).

IBM® IMI Services can help simplify hybrid infrastructure management with pay as you need modular services.

Our global delivery and remote management services are supported by 100,000+ resources in 170 countries.

Utilize advanced automation and analytics to manage your critical infrastructure components.

What you get with IBM Integrated Managed Infrastructure Services


  • Platform, provider and location agnostic.
  • Modular flexibility – add services instantly from a self service catalog of options and service levels.
  • Application infrastructure visibility – anticipate and avoid problems with infrastructure visibility.


  • Automated orchestration – deploy, provision and manage entire solutions from a library of patterns.
  • Rapid innovation platform (mPaaS) – design, launch an manage solutions predictably.


  • Single view management – manage multiple platforms, applications and vendors.
  • Performance optimization – 24x7 global support from 100,000 resources, cross industry, in 170 countries.
  • Advanced automation and cognitive learning capabilities – achieve predictable and repeatable outcomes.


  • Single pane of glass – enables secure integration and cross platform management.
  • Meet security requirements – for login level, audit trail and healthcheck.

IBM Integrated Managed Infrastructure Services experts are here to help you move your business forward

Benefits of IBM Integrated Managed Infrastructure Services

Container as a Service (CaaS)

  • Modernize applications in a true containerized environment.
  • Faster release cycles and reduced operations cost.
  • Alignment with regulatory requirements.

Single services source:

  • One contact for technical queries and ongoing support.
  • A suite of customizable services to monitor and manage your IT environment.

Pay per use

  • Manage short lived workloads on any platform.
  • Design, build and manage hybrid environments running on any platform.
  • Meet security and audit requirements.


Improving IT capacity and ROI

See how Bidco Africa Limited used an IBM infrastructure management solution to optimize IT capabilities in support of an aggressive growth strategy while simplifying infrastructure support and maintenance.

Orchestrate across clouds

Deliver enterprise-class infrastructure 95% faster, and easily synchronize automation on an agile platform with IBM Integrated Managed Infrastructure Orchestration.

Embracing the consumerization of IT

IBM Managed Platform as a Service (MPaaS) addresses clients’ provisioning, configuration, and scaling challenges by providing a common platform as a service to host IaaS and middleware and helping them securely auto-provision middleware stacks in hours.

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