Fast track cloud transformation with Private Cloud IaaS

Is your private cloud fully modernized?

Modernize your on-premises infrastructure with fast and secured single-tenant, private cloud infrastructure for your cloud applications.

A pay as you go model frees up budget by eliminating initial capital costs and reducing risk associated with new technology adoption. Enjoy virtually unlimited infrastructure resources (compute, storage and network) without having to procure, maintain and manage the technology. Scale infrastructure use up or down as your business needs change.

Enable your cloud strategy with Private Cloud IaaS



Data and workloads are protected by “air gapped” management and data-at-rest encryption.



Selective data placement simplifies application and data management.



Consumption based OpEx model frees capital and resources to focus on core business.

Increase business agility

Design and deploy private cloud infrastructure to align with business agility and elasticity requirements.

  • Enable application delivery of expected business outcomes with IT infrastructure.
  • Increase focus on innovation and business growth with an IaaS model.
  • Achieve higher infrastructure availability from a fully integrated, secure, standardized solution.

Leverage Compute as a Service

Using private cloud as a foundation, create a true hybrid cloud environment which seamlessly links private and public cloud resources.

  • Get consistent service quality, exceed security and governance requirements, and a superior return on investments.
  • Rely on IBM as a trusted partner to manage infrastructure uptime and provide skilled support.
  • 24x7x365 operational support, 4 nines of infrastructure availability and monitoring.

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