Accelerate technology transformation by optimizing and modernizing existing IT

For most businesses, only 20% of mission critical workloads have been moved to the cloud, making business continuity maintenance while transforming IT operations, difficult. Fully optimize your hybrid cloud and accelerate transformation, by leveraging internal and external resources to solve current challenges. IBM can provide the necessary industry skillsets, support services, and financing options to operationalize IT solutions in a matter of weeks.  Whether its security, resiliency, optimization or management, IBM is a partner that can help you modernize technologies with proven processes that increase portability and minimize risk.

Speed your hybrid IT transformation securely with IBM skills and experience

Minimize risk exposure with security and resiliency

A comprehensive cloud architecture can maximize availability, protect data and ensure secure continuous business operations. Avoid potential outages averaging $3.92 million for a total data breach. IBM provides threat intelligence, high touch incident response, and rapid recovery to mitigate the impact of cyber-attacks and network-related downtime.

Manage technologies for business continuity

Operational disruption impacts your workforce's ability to manage hybrid cloud environments. 33% of organizations lack the skills to quickly recover from downtime.  IBM can help reduce provisioning time from days or hours to minutes, and switchover time by up to 80%, with business continuity planning.

Architect the ideal infrastructure for portability and flexibility

IBM’s 90,000 cloud architects help improve efficiency, bridge cloud environments, and ensure that critical workloads are designed to integrate network, security, resiliency and management requirements. 

See how cloud architecture design can accelerate cloud deployments.

Obtain visibility and support of mission-critical systems

Exponential increase in data volume and device usage affects gathering actionable insights across your hybrid multicloud environment. IBM has over 19,000 IBM remote technical service professionals, available for immediate support to augment existing IT teams and keep mission-critical systems running; freeing up your IT department to manage vendors, reduce downtime and mean time to repair (MTTR) by up to 22%.

Delivering scalability and resiliency with cloud

Using IBM Cloud for VMware Solutions, Jenzabar offers higher education institutions transformational cloud-based solutions for student information systems, with comprehensive services that eliminate the need to run costly on-premise IT.

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More IT transformation successes

Mitsubishi Motors Australia: Achieving scalability through cloud migration

Mitsubishi Motors Australia worked with IBM® Services to migrate its SAP® infrastructure to IBM Cloud™. Now, the organization’s infrastructure scales automatically, seamlessly handling natural fluctuations in automotive sales volume.

Dream Payments: A faster, more flexible way to deploy cloud infrastructure

With IBM Cloud, Dream Payments migrated to an IBM Cloud environment, gaining access to high-performance cloud resources for rapid deployment.

Solutions and services to start your IT transformation journey now

Multicloud Infrastructure Development

We'll analyze your brand experience and uncover opportunities to improve, optimize and evolve. Use this rapid yet robust approach to kick start your enterprise experience evolution with actionable next steps.

Cloud Pak for Multicloud Management

The IBM Cloud Pak™ for Multicloud Management, running on Red Hat® OpenShift® Container Platform, provides consistent visibility, governance and automation from on premises to the edge. Enterprises gain capabilities such as multicluster management, event management, application management and infrastructure management.

Cloud Application Management and DevOps

Today’s hybrid, multicloud reality requires a fundamental shift in the way we manage applications. IBM offers a suite of capabilities to fully embrace the cloud advantage. DevSecOps driven monitoring and management of cloud-native and traditional applications enables integrated operations and security across the entire application portfolio.

Managed Multicloud Platform Services

Get full visibility to your multicloud management and governance. IBM MCMP is a digital consumption and delivery platform with integration and orchestration layers that supports multiple technology stacks across a multivendor platform. 

Cloud Security and Resiliency

Boost cloud security, protect critical data and assets, and ensure compliance. In a hybrid multicloud environment, this is a challenge. IBM offers a comprehensive solution encompassing Threat Management and Cyber Incident Recovery that protects you from threats and allows for swift recovery when cyber incidents happen.

IBM Z and IBM Storage

The enterprise platform for mission-critical applications brings industry-leading data privacy, security and resiliency to your hybrid multicloud, as never before.

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The key to enterprise hybrid multicloud strategy 

Get insights from 350 global IT leaders on how they develop and implement their IT infrastructure strategies.

The confident move to the cloud

If moving to the cloud offers so many benefits, why have only a small fraction of enterprise workloads and applications been moved?

Optimizing IT infrastructure for digital transformation

Explore options for businesses to optimize their IT into flexible, stable, and open platforms and modernize their applications with IBM Services for Red Hat.

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