IBM provides a faster, more secure journey to multicloud with services for strategy, application development, migration, modernization and management across cloud providers. With over 500 AWS Cloud experts, IBM can help your organization design, migrate and operate on AWS Cloud regardless of your industry segment. We use agile methodologies and have extensive reusable blueprints to help speed your migration using DevOps automation. In fact, hundreds of Fortune 500 clients have already streamlined and accelerated their journey to AWS Cloud with IBM.

A multicloud environment is the new reality

Eighty-five percent of organizations already use multiple clouds, but only about 40 percent have a holistic multicloud strategy for their business.* To meet clients’ needs, IBM offers hybrid multicloud services that advise on open and secure multicloud strategies for application development, migration, modernization and management.

Our services feature the industry-leading IBM Garage Method for Cloud and tools to support AWS Cloud, Microsoft Azure and Google Cloud — in addition to IBM Cloud.

AWS services

AWS Cloud Adoption

The IBM Garage Method for Cloud helps simplify cloud transformation. We help your organization accomplish technology modernization, rationalization, remediation and migration to cloud. IBM experts help you find the right strategy and architecture to achieve tangible business benefits.

AWS Migration

We help your organization develop a migration approach from portfolio assessment, preparation governance and implementation. Working together with the AWS Migration Acceleration Program (MAP) methodology, we provide consistent global solutions, innovative factory-based delivery and more.

Run on AWS Cloud

After migration, IBM managed services tailored for the AWS Cloud deliver advanced automation and cognitive analytics. These services can reduce the complexity behind building and managing cloud platforms to help lower operational costs, improve the focus on security and boost quality of service.

DevOps on AWS Cloud

The DevOps approach promotes a closer alliance between lines of business, development and IT operations. While you focus on responding faster to customer feedback, these IBM-driven processes use automation to help you deploy new cloud-native apps that move quickly from idea to scale on AWS Cloud.

Cloud Application Development on AWS Cloud

Running your applications on the cloud helps you make your best ideas a reality. IBM services such as end-to-end application development and integration, testing, API, and microservices architecture, along with DevOps, are all driven in concert by IBM experts working together for you.

Security for AWS Cloud

IBM Security offers AWS customers solutions to help improve threat detection and response. Services include second stage analytics with augmented intelligence, global threat insight and security process expertise for advanced event classification. Direct IRIS and SIOC consulting is also available.

Case studies

Thomson Reuters chooses IBM to help streamline and maximize cloud services

Thomson Reuters and IBM experts improved audit and traceability flow using AWS Cloud components to speed up notifications. These advances helped reduce troubleshooting times and increase DevOps productivity.

IBM experts help Social Security Scotland implement new benefits platform

Using the platform, tools and services developed by IBM, Social Security Scotland used AWS Cloud to create a platform for successfully implementing eleven low income and disability benefits for citizens.

Child Welfare System on AWS

Child Welfare System on AWS

IBM worked to migrate and modernize applications from on-premises infrastructure to help reduce maintenance and infrastructure costs while improving operational processes and providing additional capacity to meet growing business needs.

Consumer Engagement Platform on AWS

Consumer Engagement Platform on AWS

IBM experts helped develop a new application to support new reduced-risk products. This action helped extend the functionality of the existing platform while improving availability, reliability, scalability and performance.

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