IBM Services for AWS Cloud are focused on helping customers in their journey to the AWS Cloud. Our team of over 500 AWS Cloud experts has extensive cross-industry experience and are ready to help your organization, design, migrate and operate on the AWS Cloud. We help your organization by using an agile approach to solution delivery, along with an extensive set of reusable blueprints with an emphasis on migration and DevOps automation. We have helped hundreds of Fortune 500 clients in their journey to the cloud.

The benefits

Getting started with your modernization and migration journey to AWS

Planning and managing your modernization and migration to AWS

Building DevOps on AWS

AWS Offerings

AWS Cloud Adoption

The IBM Cloud Innovate method provides a comprehensive end-to-end method for cloud transformation. We provide strategic guidance for organizations to drive innovation through successful hybrid cloud adoption. This capability focuses on guiding your organization towards technology modernization, rationalization, remediation and migration to cloud. We work with clients to drive optimal cloud strategies and architectures, determine dispositions for the application portfolio, and design efficient cloud-enabled target operating models. This results in a holistic transformation that can achieve tangible business benefits.

AWS Migration

We can help your organization develop a migration approach from portfolio assessment, preparation for migration, governance and organizational change and migration implementation. The IBM Cloud Innovate migrate to cloud method for AWS complements the AWS Migration Acceleration Program (MAP) methodology by providing consistent global solutions, innovative factory-based delivery, tooling and processes, with over 5,000 cloud application migration experts.

Run on AWS Cloud

After your migration, we provide managed services tailored for the AWS Cloud. IBM services use high-levels of automation and cognitive analytics to help lower your operational costs, increase security and improve quality of service. IBM Cloud Operations Services for AWS provide a consistent foundation that includes cloud architecture, DevOps, security and platform services. These services help reduce the complexity behind building and managing cloud platforms. We provide a suite of standardized operational processes and tools to manage your applications on the AWS Cloud.

DevOps on AWS Cloud

DevOps is an approach to lean and agile software delivery that promotes closer collaboration between lines of business, development and IT operations. We can help you implement DevOps processes across development, testing and operations teams so you can focus on speed, customer feedback and customer value. DevOps is a key enabler, as cloud technologies have given rise to an evolution in software-defined environments and tooling frameworks. Applications are no longer bound to specific middleware deployment architectures such as clusters and have components that can horizontally scale up or down. These attributes facilitate high degree of automation throughout the development lifecycle. The Cloud Innovate build-on-cloud method encompasses processes to build cloud-native applications and addresses the end-to-end view of building cloud-native applications from idea to scale. Our method includes "how to" guides on culture, tools for the AWS Cloud, self-guided or hands-on training, and even sample code and architectures for the AWS Cloud.

Case studies

Child Welfare System on AWS

IBM worked to migrate and modernize applications from on-premises infrastructure to help reduce maintenance and infrastructure costs while improving operational processes and providing additional capacity to meet growing business needs.

Consumer Engagement Platform on AWS

IBM experts helped develop a new application to support new reduced-risk products. This action helped extend the functionality of the existing platform while improving availability, reliability, scalability and performance.

Meet our experts

Richard Puckette

Richard Puckette

Vice President, GBS Cloud Center of Competency

Shankar Kalyana

IBM Fellow

Dan Carr

Global AWS Practice Leader, GBS

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