A digital platform to build winning teams

The Raptors Uprising Gaming Club (RUGC) are constantly looking for ways to gain competitive advantage. They needed a better way to analyze their roster and potential player acquisitions, particularly in time-sensitive situations like the moments leading up to the annual draft. Like other industries and businesses, RUGC grapples with time-consuming manual operational processes to gather and analyze relevant data and derive insights from them.


Drafting with cognitive insights

IBM leverages a best-of-its-kind digital platform infused with AI and machine learning to help inform the Raptors Uprising’s talent evaluation strategy. Built around the team’s stylistic playbook, IBM’s Sports Insights Central digital platform’s prediction models provide insight into both the profile of a “winning player” and the dynamics of a “winning team”, launching Raptors Uprising to perform at the top of their league.


Smarter decisions for winning teams

IBM uniquely enhances the Raptors Uprising’s drafting strategy by providing a 360-degree data-driven digital solution, which positions the eSports team to make talent acquisition decisions with maximum confidence and insight. By reimagining traditional drafting strategies with meaningful insights through digital cognitive platform, team managers can make smarter decisions to build winning teams.

Case studies


IBM iX® and IBM Services® worked with ExxonMobil to develop Speedpass+, an IBM Cloud®-based mobile app that allows consumers to pay for fuel using their preferred mobile device or method of payment.

FOX Sports

IBM iX designed and developed the FIFA World Cup Highlight Machine, a cognitive-based platform that lets fans create and share their own customized soccer highlight videos.


IBM iX and Amica collaborated to develop the Road Day app, a groundbreaking tool that  changes how adjusters do their jobs — from customer interactions to processing claims.

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