Results at a glance

Improved developer productivity

Increased productivity of developers by using common notification and messaging services from AWS Cloud

Improved systems management

Helped streamline management using AWS CloudWatch, AWS Config and DataDog

Decreased operational costs

Lowered infrastructure management cost by using DevOps and serverless architecture

The business challenge

Thomson Reuters is a leading source of information — including one of the world’s most trusted news organizations — for businesses and professionals. Many global customers turn to Thomson Reuters for the intelligence, technology and human expertise they need to find trusted answers. Because better answers help them make better decisions more quickly.

Thomson Reuters offers hundreds of digital products and services for customers across a variety of industries including financial, risk, legal, tax, accounting and media markets. As more organizations move their products and services to the cloud, common services need to be developed that can increase developer productivity through reuse, simplify systems management and lower operational costs.

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The transformation

Product development teams have organically created a wide variety of notification solutions over the years using different architectures and platforms. As more of Thomson Reuters products moved to cloud, the company realized the need to provide a notification solution not bound to a specific platform or technology and able to be used consistently across products. Because Thomson Reuters is an information services product company with solutions deployed globally, the team understood the need to address resiliency in order to meet service availability needs for customers who use the company’s products worldwide.

Working in partnership with IBM Services, Thomson Reuters set out to develop a solution that addressed the following issues:

Audit and traceability

Provide traceability of end-to-end notifications workflow with a consistent view of status to reduce troubleshooting and the time required to resolve problems

Reduce operations costs

Address operational costs associated with traditional server-based infrastructure, run and manage activities

Improve security

Meet Thomson Reuters security, identity and access management standards and requirements while working to improve the security posture for serverless components

Improve resilience

Provide a highly available and resilient solution to address disaster recovery requirements explicitly in the application architecture

The results

Thomson Reuters improved audit and traceability using AWS CloudWatch, DataDog and SumoLogic. These components helped provide the capability to consistently view the notification flow from producer to consumer, reducing troubleshooting times significantly when compared to other notification infrastructure in place.

To help Thomson Reuters improve their security posture, the team used AWS Cloud security best practices like AWS IAM Roles and Policies to ensure least privilege for Lambda components, AWS Config to ensure that configurations are tracked and audited, and AWS ParameterStore to centralize application secrets and parameters.

The DevOps solution developed for this project was critical in decreasing operational costs compared to previous solutions. The use of innovative DevOps practices and tools — including pipelines for provisioning and deploying AWS Cloud services from development to production — helped greatly reduce infrastructure costs and systems administration overhead.

AWS cloud services used

This project showcases the benefits of AWS serverless technologies and other AWS cloud services including:

  • Lambda, Lambda Step Functions, AWS route 53, AWS API Manager;
  • AWS DynamoDB, AWS 53, AWS SES, CloudFormation, AWS Config;
  • AWS Systems Parameter Store, AWS CloudWatch, AWS CloudTrail,
  • AWS CodeCommit, AWS CodeBuild, AWS CodePipeline, AWS Idenity and Access Management


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