A new experience for a discerning audience

Every year the Cannes Lions festival is a hub of inspiration, bringing together some of the best work and people across the world. In the month after the event alone, they see 20% surges in site traffic with the majority spending time viewing videos from the event.

The IBM iX® team was asked to create a new experience for their discerning audience. They needed a platform to better allow delegates and subscribers to access the insights they want and generate new conversations.

We know that the way content is consumed has changed. Users want content on their terms — content that is specific, bite-sized, relevant to their needs and delivered through simple, intuitive search. If it’s not on their terms the first time they come to you, it’s likely they won’t come back.

AI provides an opportunity to understand what users are looking for by understanding their natural search behavior and identifying trending themes that are driving engagement.


Our relationship with Cannes Lions

IBM iX has designed and developed Talks @ Cannes, a cognitive video search platform that ingests all the talks from the annual festivals as they happen.

Users can search using natural language or asking questions relevant to their business. Resulting video recommendations take them directly to the most helpful scenes in the videos for a personalized and useful experience. Working away in the background, the interactive platform uses IBM Watson® Media to understand and learn unstructured speech from each video.

Watson Discovery takes this data, and through AI, understands the context of their search and begins the video at the relevant scenes. Afterward, it encourages users to watch more through contextually-relevant playlists. IBM iX brings this technology together to ensure a slick, hyper-personalized video viewing experience.


A significant increase in viewership

With the current site driving 50% of video search alone in the month after the festival, we expect to see a significant increase in viewership as a result of the new behavior introduced by Watson AI.

Cannes Lions represents the best of creativity, and by providing their users with AI data-driven content, they will not only generate more insight, but can facilitate meaningful conversations with their peers around the world throughout the year.

Case studies

Royal Bank of Scotland

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Christoph Hohmann
Head of Customer Engagement & Communication, VW

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