Supporting groundbreaking achievements 

Today’s engineering, construction and operations (EC&O) industry is capable of delivering projects that seem almost miraculous. For example, VINCI Group has kept CNIT, one of Paris’ largest and most impressive buildings, floating in the air for more than four years while it builds a new train station underneath. 

What makes these achievements even more remarkable is that the industry still relies on very primitive processes and tools. Information is siloed in systems owned by different parties, and none of the stakeholders have a complete view of the history or status of a major project. As a result, at every stage from design through construction to operation, important information gets lost. 

Sixense, a subsidiary of the VINCI Group, focuses on developing technologies to support the EC&O industry — from Internet of Things sensors to three-dimensional LIDAR mapping. With its combination of EC&O know-how and technology expertise, Sixense realized it was in the perfect position to solve the information challenge and help its clients transform the way the industry operates. 


Breaking down silos to open up collaboration 

Sixense and IBM have embarked on an ambitious project to develop a comprehensive solution for the EC&O industry, codenamed “Beyond.” Beyond will bring all building information models and other data into a single, secure platform — breaking down the traditional silos between partners collaborating on a project. 

Beyond will act as an integration layer, using APIs to flow data from legacy source systems into a new central IBM Cloud repository. Once the data is available, Beyond will then empower users to interact with it in entirely new ways — for example, combining mapping and 3D modeling data to create a virtual replica of each project site and enabling stakeholders to gain a complete, 360-degree view of progress. 

We needed a partner with the global capabilities to deliver a seamless user experience anywhere in the world, with impeccable credentials in security and governance. That’s why we chose IBM.

Fabrice Del Aguila, Deputy General Manager, Sixense


Revealing the bigger picture 

Sixense expects Beyond to have a profound impact on the EC&O industry. With the ability to visualize all the thousands of facets of a major engineering project in one place, project participants will be able to see the bigger picture. This will not only help stakeholders make better decisions during design and construction but will also capture the data behind those decisions for reference throughout the operational life of the building. 

By running Beyond in a multicloud environment supported by IBM, Sixense can spin up an environment for a new project with just a few mouse-clicks — giving architects, engineers, construction teams and facilities managers the data they need to think smarter and work more safely on projects around the globe. 

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