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According to Shell research, industrial customers report 80% of the same pain points. These include elements such as aggregating data to make actionable insights, working within siloed organizations, managing the energy transition and deploying autonomous technology in a way that doesn't impact safety of employees.

And while there is certainly optimism around the uptake of Industry 4.0, mining is an industry experiencing a number of challenges making it difficult to convert this intention into action. For example, depleting ore reserves and declining ore grades in existing operations mean that companies have to mine deeper to reach new deposits, which in turn increases costs. The industry is also facing a growing pressure to deliver in a more environmentally sustainable way.

To solve this, Shell and IBM have created Oren, the first B2B digital marketplace platform of leading digital and technical solutions essential to the mining industry.


The next era of productivity

To remain competitive, companies must start to recognize the benefits and long-term saving opportunities that new technologies can bring in solving some of these pain points. 

In building the Oren platform, Shell and IBM have brought together their collective expertise and offerings dedicated to the next era of productivity, safety and profitability in the mining industry. This platform addresses mining companies' pain points by offering a one-stop shop, helping them navigate quickly to best-fit innovative and proven solutions from trusted ecosystem companies and solution providers, beyond Shell and IBM.

Oren provides innovative and next generation solutions and implementation guidance to the mining industry. It will deliver solutions for essential automation and cloud-enabled services, and intelligent platforms that will make the difference to drive deep digital transformation. Oren will equip solution providers to build innovation-driven brands with a marketplace that connects businesses to the latest offers from industrial and technology solutions leaders.

Oren is a very natural collaboration. Shell and IBM have been leaders in providing solutions to mining and industrial customers for years.

Carol Chen, Shell VP, Global Lubricants Marketing


Transforming at the speed of insight

Oren brings together Shell and IBM field-proven expertise plus the best emerging technologies from start-ups and enterprise providers. It will not only offer field-proven solutions but also pilot opportunities for pioneering technologies. Its specialized search is tailored to specific mining use cases and latest industry challenges. Expert support is available to help users build a roadmap of solutions that will enable a full digital journey. Oren will offer ease and efficiency to purchase and transact at different levels of the organization, budget levels or financial capabilities.

As the Oren platform increases in use, customers will be able to extract insights related to industry technology trends and where the sector is investing. These insights will help customers determine how they are doing on their digital transformation journey. Sellers will gain insights that are useful for product improvement and that can drive innovation based on what resonates with the customer base and other users of the platform.

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