Simplifying the home buying process with digital mortgage support

For many, owning a home is a dream come true. A bank-issued mortgage is oftentimes an essential ingredient in realizing that dream. But as regulations, products and processes evolve, issuing and obtaining a mortgage can be complicated. Banks are tasked with being able to access and apply accurate policy information to each customer’s unique needs in real time, throughout the home buying process.

Together with IBM, Royal Bank of Scotland (RBS) is solving that problem with a plan for digital mortgage support.


A smart platform that gets smarter every day through digital transformation

IBM and RBS have co-created an AI-powered, cloud-based platform that empowers mortgage call center employees with real-time digital mortgage support for home buyers. 

The platform, built with Watson Assistant on the IBM Cloud, is called “Marge” – and is a valuable new asset to RBS’ digital transformation.

She is intentionally personified as a member of the RBS team and even has her own evolving personality.  Marge was built directly on the cloud, embedded in RBS’ existing data structures, with access to new data added every minute via content updates and customer interactions. For RBS mortgage call center employees, she is one single point of access for digital mortgage support for their cognitive enterprise.

In the mortgage industry, change is constant. Regulation changes, product changes, process changes. It’s imperative that the customer has the support and the info they need to allow them to focus on their home buying journey.

MaryAnn Fleming, Head of Homebuying Services, Royal Bank of Scotland


Humans + technology = happy customers

While on the phone with a customer, RBS employees get quick digital mortgage support from Marge by typing key words into a console. With cognitive enterprise technology at their fingertips, they are able to support new and existing home buying customers.

Since implementing the digital mortgage support tool, RBS has seen a 20% improvement in customer NPS, and a 10% decrease in call duration.

As Marge evolves, Royal Bank of Scotland employees will be empowered to do great work during the digital transformation and the bank will continue on its journey to becoming a Cognitive Enterprise, IBM’s vision for the next-gen business model.

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