A better way to respond to leads

Long-entrenched processes and siloed communications across a heavily matrixed organization like IBM can lead to frustration for a customer.

“It takes forever to get a quote.”

“I wish they gave more options, so I could compare.” 

“Contracts take ages to negotiate and finalize.”

But reinventing a complex business process inside of a large organization like IBM is no small undertaking. It can also take months or even years to embrace change and see results. 


Lead-to-cash: an entry point into all IBM has to offer

At IBM, we realized that we could optimize our new shared services model by looking at the workflow from end to end. Simultaneously, we realized that we should not only look at workflow, but also look at organizational structure — and identify a single owner across the entire function.

We needed a solution that could encapsulate every type of service imaginable and streamline the marketing, configuring, selling, contracting and delivery of every transaction. IBMers came together to create a single source of truth across IBM’s entire portfolio. We call it, Lead-to-cash.

Lead-to-cash orchestrates and simplifies several complex elements to greatly improve the user experience of buyers and sellers alike. Organizations of any size enjoy the flexibility of user processes that are decoupled from IT while remaining fully coordinated. It establishes a core set of cognitive data services that provides consistent, contextual real-time information across the function.

Manual, repetitive tasks are automated to increase accuracy and feed the cognitive function with deeper insight that guides and assists buyers and sellers throughout their journey.


Guided seller applications

Guided seller applications

A set of functions assisting sellers and sales agents in the complex navigation and the set of choices faced when executing the contract process.

Seller self-service

Seller self-service

A set of persona-based functions or applications with a modern user experience that allows sellers to perform fully process-oriented tasks by themselves.

Robotics Process Automation

Robotic process automation

A digital workforce to perform manual, repetitive tasks and accelerate new ways of working that provides better insights and increased accuracy.

End-to-end data access

End-to-end data access

A cognitive-enabled set of disciplines, technologies and solutions used to create and maintain consistent, complete, contextual and accurate key information.

By focusing on customer needs and optimizing our sellers’ end-to-end experience, we provide composable Lead-to-cash capabilities that continue to evolve.

Theresa Dirker, Vice President, Enterprise Services Transformation & Enablement


Optimizing 62 million Lead-to-cash transactions annually

The Lead-to-cash platform at IBM is now core to our revenue generation. Lead-to-cash supports hardware, software and services across more than 170 countries in multiple currencies.

Clients are now better enabled to purchase solutions from IBM with reduced complexity and faster delivery of their products and services.

While some enterprises might not have the sheer volume of transactions that IBM has, it's not uncommon to have the level of portfolio complexity that we do. 

Lead-to-cash creates a contemporary and efficient approach to revenue generation.


Over 305,000 hours robotic process automation (RPA) hard productivity savings

Over 305,000 hours robotic process automation (RPA) hard productivity savings

Improved seller satisfaction by up to 37%

Improved seller satisfaction by up to 37%

Reduced contract cycle time by as much as 25%

Reduced contract cycle time by as much as 25%

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