Creating a cognitive roadmap, one project at a time

Generali is the third largest insurance company in the world. In a competitive marketplace, they needed a way to maintain their advantage, and this IBM® case study tells the story.

In 2017, working in partnership with IBM Services, Generali France began development of a cognitive roadmap to better utilize AI in reinventing customer-facing processes including initial inquiries for home and auto insurance and to solve unclaimed assets and property issues. Together, the two companies initiated AI prototype projects to transform Generali’s business models, and in the process significantly improved experiences for Generali employees and customers alike.


Building better experiences from the inside out

Generali and IBM prioritized two pilots that simultaneously helped develop internal skills as well as the external experience using cognitive service delivery. Generali employees were introduced to a new cognitive assistant named Letizia, while clients could communicate with Generali agents through their own AI interface named Leo.

Leo utilizes natural language processing and voice-to-text capabilities while Letizia empowers more than 700 Generali France agents to better handle customer requests for car and home insurance. But they are more than just chatbots. Leo and Letizia connect people to pertinent, and sometimes life-saving information quickly and efficiently. These two initiatives have sent a strong signal to customers around the world that Generali is digitally transforming their enterprise.


Transformation beyond chatbots

Generali is also the first insurer to launch an artificial intelligence project in the service of a common law practice known as escheatment: solving the often complex issue of returning unclaimed assets and property. No small task. An entire team is dedicated to facilitate – and speed – the search for unclaimed contracts.

The delivery of these AI projects was such a success that Generali headquarters decided to scale cognitive solutions to an international level. Thanks to the IBM and Generali alliance, these co-developed processes have led to a true cognitive roadmap for the company.

The benefits

  • Increased security and protection of Generali IP addresses and a stable platform
  • Saved 1 million dollars in first year of deployment
  • Augmented 8,000+ Generali agents and increased productivity by 5%
  • Achieved rapid scalability of solutions in multiple solutions for global reach

The role of insurance is to protect people, to help them, to provide services for them. AI is in every stage of this process.

David Wassong, Director of Artificial Intelligence, Generali France

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