Talent transformation journey

Genentech Inc. is a biotechnology corporation headquartered in San Francisco, California. The company is comprised of scientists and drug-discoverers that research and develop life-saving medicines for treating diseases like cancer, lymphoma and diabetes.

As one of the first biotech companies in the world, Genentech has a history of breaking new ground in the medical research field but was faced with a new challenge. Like many companies today, Genentech was having issues responding dynamically to market changes and demands. Since the company’s teams sit in functional and business unit silos, the process of finding and extracting people from their current work and shifting them to new priority projects was static and manual. 

To help solve this challenge, they partnered with IBM to develop and embark upon a talent transformation journey using intelligent workflows.


Hiring the right people for the right position

Bringing together the right people with the right capabilities to work on important new medical and business priorities was key to solving Genentech’s problem.  Along with hiring the right people, the company believed professional development provided the necessary skills for employee growth opportunities.

Together, IBM and Genentech launched Talent Connections, a custom talent acquisition platform and employee portal. This co-created solution transformed legacy talent acquisition systems into network-based models. This new model has allowed skilled talent to be quickly organized around priority hiring initiatives, resulting in stronger teams.

Talent Connections allows Genentech to shift the flow of work and skills towards initiatives that reflect the strategic direction of the business.


Empowering hiring managers

  • Project owners can create teams or roles and identify the required skills and scope which would then be pushed to the right talent.

Allowing skills to shine

  • People on the platform can add skills and interests to their profile, allowing their proficiencies to be exposed across the Genentech community.

Building better teams

  • Talent can be matched to opportunities based on their availability, skills and interests, reducing the time it takes to staff a project.


Life-saving medicines

In just under 3 months, the Talent Connections solution was launched to a commercial audience of between 4,500 and 11,000 users. The partnership with IBM has allowed Genentech to bring their new talent model to life. Talent Connections creates better movement and flow of skills across the organization, allowing team members time to work on more meaningful projects. Ultimately, this has allowed doctors and researchers to continue making ground-breaking scientific discoveries that are impacting the lives of patients around the world.

Case studies

Telecommunications company

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The IBM Garage is helping the German car manufacturer serve customers tailored offers based on their landmark app, Web Experience.


IBM and Yara came together to build a digital farming platform to increase crop yields.

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