Life-saving medicines delivered, around the world

According to the World Health Organization, 770,000 people died from HIV-related causes in 2018, with the largest percentage of victims in Africa. While HIV patients can live long lives today, only 62 percent of HIV-affected adults receive anti-retroviral drugs, which help to fight infection and lower chances of disease transmission.

In 2017, international development contractor Chemonics and IBM came together to oversee one of USAID’s largest projects in history worth nearly USD 10 billion. Their mission was to deliver health supplies for HIV/AIDS, malaria and reproductive health to more than 60 countries around the world.


Tracking every step in the supply chain

In concert with a consortium of partners, Chemonics and IBM co-created a first-of-its-kind platform called Automatic Requisition Tracking Management Information System (ARTMIS).

The ARTMIS platform helps track shipments at every step of the supply chain. This has allowed Chemonics to manage orders up to 24 months out. The platform also includes an online catalogue, as well as data visualization.

With the ARTMIS tracking system we are able to get the medicines to the right people, at the right place, at the right time to save lives.

Aloysius Mokom Ngwa, Senior Warehouse Manager, Chemonics


USD 88 million in savings

The ARTMIS solution has led to pervasive data visibility throughout the supply chain. And because it is based on the IBM Cloud, these capabilities are available worldwide.

To date, the project has delivered enough anti-retroviral treatment to provide 3.9 million years of treatment for HIV/AIDS and enough anti-malarial drugs to treat 122.6 million infections. In addition, the ARTMIS platform has led to an on-time delivery rate of 90 percent.

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