Bringing data under one roof

Hardwiring communications systems around the world so people can stay connected to friends and family is no small feat. In fact, one major British based telecommunications company has over 60 offices and 13 satellites that orbit the globe. 

Given the staggering scale of this company, it’s no surprise the organization creates multiple types of data from a variety of disparate sources. Today's huge volume and variety of data are creating a new problem for companies across many industries in the digital age: how to bring all the company's data into one place.


Harnessing the Digital Insights Platform

The company needed a comprehensive, holistic solution to organize and consolidate their data while also reducing data warehousing costs. The IBM Digital Insights Platform (DIP) helped do just that. The platform helped create a data lake that provides an overarching view of all the company’s data. DIP also offers data lifecycle automation and orchestration, helping reduce human error when adjusting the datasets.

Outcomes-focused services with complete package of data management, analytics and cognitive technologies in Digital Insights Platform.


Achieving full data organization with real-time insights

The solution included several different IBM and open source technologies. Chief among them was the Digital Insights Platform which provides a data lake component, also called Data as a Service or DaaS. This technology provides overall data lifecycle automation and orchestration — automating the data pipeline, ingest, conform, CDC, metadata-driven ingestion and governance.

IBM delivered the solution in three phases: proof of usability, enhancement and operation. Then the platform was handed off to the client team with knowledge transfer included.

The benefits

  • Achieved a single view of data from different platforms for self-service
  • Helped deliver real-time insights and remediation for network faults and issue resolution
  • Provided faster access to predictive algorithms to help predict churn and spot network issues

Case studies

Health Insurance Company

Health data can be cumbersome. See how this health insurance company utilized the IBM Digital Insights Platform to harness their data and create entirely new analytics as a service capabilities for their customers.

Fire and Security Company

Robotic Process Automation increased accuracy by 80% and productivity by 20% for this fire and security company. See how.


Whit IBM Cloud Automation Services, Sysco has reduced issues on critical incidents by more than 89% in the last 6 months and automatically resolved more than 1,500 server tickets per month.

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