SubSystemPac is a software package that helps install an individual subsystem (CICS, NCP, IMS, and DB2). It includes target and distribution libraries that are tailored to the customer's product selection and the customization data provided.

All products and applicable service are integrated into the SystemPac before delivery. The SubSystemPac is available in Dump-by-Data-Set format and is installed using the CustomPac Dialogues. The CustomPac Dialogues are included in the package for distribution and loading of the customer's data sets from a target system.

SubSystemPac can include follow-on packages called Selective Follow-On Service (SFS) that would provide a report along with any new applicable HIPER fixes or fixing PE PTFs discovered in the intervening time period.

SubsystemPac can be delivered in copy-by-dataset (IEBCOPY) format or DFSMSdss logical volume dump format.

In addition to electronic delivery, SubsystemPac is orderable on DVD. Installation using DVD requires a workstation with a DVD drive that can read discs in DVD-5 (single-sided, single-layer) format and a network connection to your z/OS system.

SubsystemPac is available for Internet delivery for orders placed using ShopzSeries in countries where it is available.