FunctionPac is a software package that helps install a small group of products which perform a common function (i.e. products supporting AFP printing). A main difference between FunctionPac and ProductPac is that a FunctionPac does NOT require CSI information when it is built.

When ordered, the product(s) code and a brand new SMP/E environment (including a Global zone and a TARGET/DLIB pair) will be shipped to the customer; the group of product(s) or function is then installed as a snap-on.

FunctionPac can include follow-on packages called Selective-Follow-On Service (SFS) which provides a report along with any new applicable HIPER fixes or fixing PE PTFs discovered in the intervening time period. The idea is a quick snap-on in an existing environment which preserves the current system's environment.

In addition to electronic delivery, FunctionPac is orderable on DVD. Installation using DVD requires a workstation with a DVD drive that can read discs in DVD-5 (single-sided, single-layer) format and a network connection to your z/OS system.