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No installation dialog

SystemPac (full volume dump format) is designed with novice users in mind. The installation of such a deliverable requires NO installation dialogues. The deliverable is installed via DASD restore using DFDSS. SFS (Selective Follow-on Services) can also be installed without using the installation dialog.


Integrated subsystem

You can order subsystems (IMS, NCP, CICS, DB2) with the z/OS SystemPac in one order. The installation enables you to install all subsystems together in one shot. Though with subsystems integrated, the SystemPac can be built with full separation among subsystems to facilitate future migration and cloning. For details, refer to the SystemPac Enrichment Form on how this can be achieved. This feature is particularly useful for shops with only one team of systems programmers taking care of installation and services of all subsystems' types.




Non-marketed products

Products which were withdrawn from marketing but still available for services can be found in the SystemPac shopping list. A lot of customers use SystemPacs as a vehicle to deliver back level systems in case of data center disaster. For a list of products available for selection in SystemPac, refer to the SystemPac product list.


Test IPLed and IVPed

Each SystemPac shipped out undergoes IPL test and IVP test. The IPL test is based on the IODF configuration you shipped to IBM. The IPL and IVP testcases are documented in the installation guide for your references. In addition, most of the products' post installation jobs are being run before the system is dumped and shipped to you.


Follow On Services help to stabilize the system


Base for other contracts

SystemPac is the base used by a lot of other Global services offerings. These IBM services provide more extensive services in assisting an installation to migrate their z/OS systems, from planning to production cutover. For details, contact your geographic representative.