Design Thinking is the way we work

IBM Services™ is unique because we use design thinking in everything we do — and not just any design thinking, but Enterprise Design Thinking. It underpins the world’s largest design thinking organization: IBM. Over the past decade, IBM has built thousands of design thinking teams. Hundreds of thousands of IBMers are design thinkers. Among them are more than 25,000 user experience professionals working on client projects using the framework.

The way we achieve this level of scale and transformation is with Enterprise Design Thinking. It’s different because in addition to normal design thinking practices, we’ve built this with unique attributes that allow it to scale and sustain.

IBM Services is well equipped to help your own teams learn, practice and scale this approach, tailored to your environment.

The benefits

Form intent behind solutions and outcomes.

Form intent behind solutions and outcomes.

Deliver breakthrough solutions that fulfill your users’ needs.

Deliver breakthrough solutions that fulfill your users’ needs.

Drive positive outcomes at speed and scale.

Drive positive outcomes at speed and scale.

The Design Thinking methodology

Design Thinking Principles

Design Thinking begins with a set of principles that frame a way to see problems and solutions from a new point of view. These principles provide the foundation for delivering solutions that meet or exceed your users’ expectations. These principles include:

  • A focus on user outcomes
  • Diverse empowered teams
  • Restless reinvention

Learn about the IBM Design Thinking principles

The Design Thinking Loop

In the midst of uncertainty, we need a model for action. We call this model the Loop: a continuous cycle of observing, reflecting, and making. Go in any order you like, take as many iterations as needed. The thing about continuous improvement is that you’re never done. There will always be a better solution just around the corner.

It drives our clients to understand the present and envision the future. It enables clients to build on their successes and learn from their failures along the way. When taken to heart, the Loop keeps everyone moving forward despite the uncertainty the future may hold.

Learn about the IBM Design Thinking loop

Learn how IBM iX clients have applied Enterprise Design Thinking for success

Educational resources


Discover what’s next for the world’s business leaders by reading our insights into the intersection of strategy, creativity and technology.


Find out how organizations approach customer experience ownership, strategy, cross-functional collaboration and the use of data.

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