Simplify the management of disaster recovery for faster, more cost-effective recovery across hybrid environments.

Delivering continuous operations is a business imperative

Unexpected outages and disasters can have critical consequences for your business, including loss of data and revenue, disruption to business continuity, reduced customer satisfaction and damage to brand reputation. You need a solid, comprehensive IT DR plan to help your business rapidly recover from disruptive events.

IBM Data Center Operations and Management Services ensures IBM clients get highly available and cost-effective data center services. Also, IBM Data Center Operations and Management Services provides IT-ready, resilient and dedicated white space for primary, secondary and tertiary data centers, onsite services and operational support to help clients achieve continuous operations.

IBM Managed Continuity and Recovery Services is designed to allow businesses to get back up and running in the event of a major incident. This service provides the ability to use IBM recovery centers for testing and disaster declaration. Dedicated support personnel are on hand to assist in the event of a crisis or disruption.

Be confident about the ability to recover from any outage

Flexible operations

Provides flexibility in terms of recovery solution and technology in line with client’s recovery objectives. Increases IT staff availability, allowing employees to focus on core business projects.

Financial optimization

Minimizes capital burden for disaster recovery plans. Optimizes and manages the operating expenses cost and sustains productivity.

Risk mitigation

Reduces risk by limiting the risk of outages of data centers and IT infrastructure. Supports managing complexity of compliance for regulatory requirements for DR planning.

Automating Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity in the Hybrid Cloud Environment

Featured Security and Resiliency Managed Services

IBM Data Center Operation and Management

Bring together the people, processes, technology and physical space required to manage your data center environment.

IBM Data Center Operations and Management provides a highly optimized command center and robust data center infrastructure management services to help you keep pace with rapidly changing IT challenges.

IBM Work Area Recovery Services

IBM Work Area Recovery Services offers business resilience centers at which your employees can work when faced with a disruption. Working through a disruption is never easy. IBM can help you designate alternate work environments that demonstrate preparedness and corporate responsibility while protecting your brand reputation and keeping the business competitive. This level of preparedness illustrates a corporate commitment to customers, the company, and above all, to employees.

Turkey’s Isbank

Business Challenge: After experiencing a severe network outage, Turkey’s Isbank needed to migrate its servers, apps and data to a new data center to ensure resiliency, without disrupting network operations during the transition.

Transformation: Supported by a multinational team from IBM Services, Turkey’s Isbank migrated its servers, banking apps and operational data to a new Tier 4 data center, reinforcing system resiliency and readiness for cloud computing.


How prepared are you for cyber-attacks?

Learn the key features of Cyber Incident Recovery and how it can help enterprises protect data and recover rapidly during a cyber incident.

Develop cyber resilience strategy

IDC describes five key technologies to help you mitigate the risk of business disruption from malicious cyber-attacks.

Countering ransomware attacks

IBM estimates ransomware attacks cost companies more than USD 8 billion globally in 2017⁽¹⁾.

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